We (all) do it on a regular base, or know someone who does it (all the time). Most of the time you’re not even aware of the fact that you’re doing it. I’m talking about #grunting – especially in the gym -! It may sound strange, and funny at the same time but #grunting does have some benefits to it. Let me tell you all about them in this article. Here’s how to grunt like a Fit Girl. 

Grunting equals force
Grunting is a sound that you make whilst you exhale. It can boost your work out, since it may activate the autonomic nervous system. This is the nervous system that controls the fight or flight response — that feeling you get when you become startled or scared. It’s the adrenaline rush that people speak of. And that may help the muscle contractions be more complete and more forceful.” So If you’re stuck on that 60KG deadlift and you want to work up to some heavier weights; just grunt baby, grunt.

Your 60 seconds of fame
Grunting will make you famous in a certain way. It’s like X-Factor: either you’re in or out. There is a variety in “likes” you’ll get; some may find you annoying and others won’t get enough of it. For me seeing people grunt works on my laugh nerves in a good way. But when I’m trying to solely focus on my moves “in peace” I do get frustrated, even though I belong to the grunters too.

Instant relaxation
Even though grunting can be bothersome for others. For you it can increase inner peace and relaxation. It reliefs the tension that might been build up in your body. It could even be used as a quick (temporary) fix for shaking of a bad day or getting back in your gym flow. Beware or square for “no grunting zones”. Since worldwide there are some gyms that have a “lunk” alarm that forbids you to #grunt!

If you want to know more about grunting or see how I and @ily_fitgirl grunt our way up to achieving our fitness goals you can hit me up on Instagram @iris_fitgirl.


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