Guilty pleasures during the #PinkChallenge

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Two weeks into the #PinkChallenge and still going strong! Are you Fit Girls keeping it up? Despite one cheat day I enjoyed every minute of it.

We are only human and I also can't always resist the temptations of everyday life. Although I am determined to keep up the challenge and eat clean, I still surrendered to a little cheat day. During this busy day, I nibbled on some liquorice and in the evening I treated myself on a piece of chocolate and a glass of red wine. This is just part of life and you shouldn't be too hard on yourself. I'm not saying you girls should now all take that chocolate bar out, but please don't feel guilty if for some reason it doesn't work out or you eat something that's not on the calendar. The goal of this challenge is to try out new things and incorporate them into you daily routines and food schedule. It's important you feel comfortable in your own skin . So don't worry if you have a bad day. Tomorrow is a new day!

Fruit benefits

Coffee is my guilty pleasure. When I started the #PinkChallenge, I thought I would miss the coffee in particular but it turned out to be just fine. I tried to replace my caffeine shot for a vitamin shot. Every time I crave a cup of coffee I drink a Perfectly Pink smoothie of innocent instead. Why? Because these juices are packed with fruit and, as we all know, fruit is healthy. Fruit is low in calories, high in fiber, and contains lots of healthy sugars, vitamins and minerals that keep your mind and body function properly. It's also packed with vitamine C and this is important in order to retain a good resistance. Plus it gives you more energy which can help you through an active day. A fruit juice is therefore a good kickstart of the day and gives you a positive boost! The innocent smoothie is the right choice as it contains no added sugars. And it also tastes delicious!

Two more weeks

So what can we expect the next two weeks? In the upcoming weeks the recipes of the first two weeks will be combined. It's not necessary to prepare new dishes every day, but you can also integrate certain eating habits into your food schedule. Breakfast is my favorite meal and I could eat oatmeal the whole day everyday. I try to play around with different fruits and combinations. So every morning it's a little party when I sit down for breakfast. It's important to choose food that makes you happy and you look forward to, otherwise life will get very boring. Try to find the right balance in your diet and enjoy every moment!


And remember to keep moving girls! Working out gives you lot of energy, confident and makes you happy. It's really not necessary to go to the gym every day for a killer workout, but it's important to stay busy. See what works for you and incorporate it into your routine. Would you rather go for a long walk? That's also possible. This week our Fit Girl Alicia has shared some new workouts with you which make sure you will sweat. Check it out and go for it. We can do this girls!



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