How to handle those love handles

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We all need some love in our lives. But sometimes, we feel like that we got too much love to share. With this I mean, love handles. Nothing wrong with those cuties of course, but some girls can be quite insecure about them. 

The basic ingredients for a healthy body are eating healthy and exercising. Most of the times, love handles come into existence when fat is restored, that is, when you eat more than you’ve moved during the day. It is therefore always important to drink a lot of water, to exercise, to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, and to not stress.

However, there are also some exercises that help you get rid of your love handles and to train your stomach area. I have selected 3 exercises that seemed the most fun.

1. The Spiderman (sounds awesome already right?)

Start in an elbow plank. (see image below what I mean by that). Then draw one knee (just as in the image) to the outside shoulder. Return your knee to the elbow plank position and repeat with the other side.

2. Side plank

Move to your side and lean on your elbow while only letting your feet, elbow and underarm touch the ground. Move your other arm underneath your upper part of your body and after this, move it up to ‘touch’ the ceiling. Repeat this exercise on the other side as well.

3. Basic bicycle

Lay on your back and put your hands behind your ears. Now bring each knee to the opposite elbow (like riding a bicycle) without putting your feet on the ground . Your right knee will touch your left elbow and the other way around. You can do this as many times as you want, but don’t hurt yourself. Listen to your body.

Always remember, don’t worry too much about those love handles. Your perfect just the way you are. And who doesn’t need some extra love in their lives? See those lovely handles as a way to spread the love. And just in case you really want to do something about it, try out these exercises and eat healthy!