Health benefits of having a pet – part 2

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Living with pets is great and it's good for your health (as an animal lover, I can confirm this). I read an article that described the health benefits of living with pets and because I almost have all of the animals mentioned in the article I thought it would be nice to write about these awesome pets while comparing it to my own perspective.

In part one of this article I explained why my pets aren’t just the fluffy and feathery companions I share the house with, they’re part of my family. I also stated that with kids and pets,my family is pretty big! We couldn’t live without our pets, even though it’s a lot of work, they make our family life more fun!

Back to the benefits of owning pets. After part 1 you’re probably curious to find out more about health benefits of having a pet. In part 2 I’ll write about three more pets. Hopefully you already get to enjoy being a pet owner, if not, I hope this article might persuade you to become one!

3. Fish

Looking to bring some relaxation and calmness into your life?! Apparently, by watching fish you can distract yourself in a good way, says Dr. Becker. Many studies show that spending time in nature can improve your well-being. An aquarium or a fishpond in your garden lets you bring this in and around your house. One study showed when dental patients (that were about to undergo surgery) felt less stressed after gazing at a fish tank for 20 minutes.

I think this is so true. I have a fishpond with Koi’s in it (see the photo above) and I often do yoga outdoors beside the pond because it’s way more calming and relaxing. I wish I would do yoga like this every day of the year. Beside this it’s really fun to feed the fish, they’ll eat from your hands (mind you, these are not small fish, they’re huge, so it can be a bi scary haha).

On page two you can continue to read about great pets for your health.

4. Birds

Birds have been companions for humans for ages. Recently they have been recognized for bringing you health benefits says Gregg Takashima, presicent of the American association of human-animal bond veterinarians. Like fish, they offer ‘nature on demand’ so you’re basically bringing nature in and around your home by becoming a bird owner.

Keeping them is surprisingly similar to keeping cats or dogs; it’s really fun. They’re very interactive, especially the more intelligent ones. I currently have 5 birds, two ‘grown ups’ and their three hatchlings. To make the best out of their days and my playtime with them I let them fly freely every day. It makes them happy and lots of fun to interact with.

 5. Horses

Last on our list are horses! If you’re not familiar with them, they can be a bit intimidating. "By gaining control of a creature so much larger than you, you can gain control of a larger problem in life," Dr. Becker explains. This is why horses are often used in animal-assisted therapy programs. It can even reduce stress hormones a 2014 study shows. Riding horses is a great workout; it improves balance, strength and it builds muscles.




















My sister Katinka has a very sweet horse named Djinty. I can confirm that being around Djinty is a good way to relieve stress. Either through a riding lesson or by just working on her and being around the stables. She loves to be brushed, she loves to cuddle and I’ll become totally Zen in the process, it’s a win-win!

On the main photo you can see my sister giving Djinty a kiss and on this photo you can see Djinty and me!

This was part 2 of the health benefits of having a pet. As a pet with health benefits I kind of miss bunnies on this list. What do you think Fit Girls? What are your experiences with pets and the health benefits they provide? Are there more pets missing on this list? Well, let me know! As always I’m curious to find out.