From these past months I have come to the conclusion, yes I confess Fit Girls, that I can’t stop looking at my smartphone… “Haha what a big surprise Shirley”! Would say most of my friends sarcastically… Anyways, I could blame it on the fact that I work for an online community that I adore, follow awesome people on Youtube and Instagram and I like to chat with my friends and family that live abroad.

Anyhow, I have been noticing that the use of my smart phone has been taking too much of my attention even when I want to enjoy the present moment. Apparently, during the course of 2014 a study revealed that we unlock our phones anywhere between 110 and 150 times every single day. Which seems a crazy amount of times that our attention is fully disconnected from the present moment. I still love and will always continue using my smart phone but I read some good tips that I’m going to share with you on how to take control and use your smart phone in a more balanced way. Shall we begin?


The WhatsApp Groups

We all know those WhatsApps groups that are constantly active and make your phone buzz anytime of the day. These groups are great to have, to share and talk to all your close friends. But I admit that I go crazy and wish to read and follow those conversations when I have the time and not be constantly interrupted by them. Solution? Mute those specific WhatsApp groups; they can wait until you have time to join the conversation!


Your Applications

If muting or turning off applications still keep you distracted you could consider uninstalling unnecessary apps. For example application that brings online services or websites to you mobile, such as Twitter or Facebook. Maybe those ones can be kept for your laptop and not to overload your phone with notifications. In case that you really need them you can always access these services thought your phone’s web browser!

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