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The smokey eye is the perfect look for NYE, at least if you ask me! It doesn't matter if you have brown of blue eyes, it will look great on everyone. But no concerns if you have never applied a smokey eye, it really isn't that hard.

What you need:
- Light eyeshadow color like with a little sparkle (base)
- A mid eyeshadow colour
- Very dark eyeshadow color (go wild) (check out this handy eyeshadow palette)
- Eyeshadow brush
- Angled brush
- A soft brush
- Mascara

Step 1:
With the eyeshadow brush apply your base eye shadow color on the lid and above the socket crease. lend out slightly towards the eyebrow.

Step 2:
Using your mid color eye shadow apply along the base of the lid above the lash ( I always stop on the half of the lashes, you can always apply more if you like) and into the eye socket crease making a > shape

Step 3:
Now take your darkest shadow color and apply even more eye shadow in your crease, this will make a more dramatic effect.

Step 4:
With the angled brush apply the darkest shadow along the very edge of the lash, across the the outer corner of the eye and on your bottom lash line.

Step 5:
Use your soft brush to blend out the three eye shadow colors until the edges of each application are no longer defined. I also like to apply a little bit of the light base shadow on top of the lid to add a little more shine.

Step 6:
Apply a few coats of mascara, I always use a lash curler!

Finish your look with a nude lipgloss or lipstick and you are ready to party the night away with your perfect smokey eye look!!


XO Kiki

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