Letter to the scale

Fit & Training door anna FG

Yo Scale,

I'm just gonna get straight to the point: I think you're a terrible asshole. A manipulative bastard, you are! My whole life you've been screwing with me. You can either make or break my days. What gives you the right to decide whether I am beautiful or ugly? You make me doubt myself. Sometimes I honestly think I'm going crazy. You're like a second voice in my head. A while ago I agreed with myself that I didn't wanna see you anymore. I wanted to do without you and trust my own eyes. You used to be my compass but once I became a fan of strength training, you just started blabbing out nonsense. Hello?... Muscle weighs more than fat! But you don't tell me that. With that unvarnished opinion of yours. Even though I saw my body change for the better when I looked in the mirror, you always had to have the last word. A slap in my face. On days that I felt like a sexy superstar I dared to look you right in the eye. I felt beautifully slim but you had to ruin that, didn't you? I should have known better. Always the same, denigrating shit: "You're not as slim as you think Anna. You're fooling yourself because you want it so badly. So here it is, the undeniable truth: you didn't loose weight. You've become even heavier. Muscle weighs more than fat? In your dreams! So eventually you'll weigh 100 kilos and wear a size 36? Do you even believe that yourself?" When you took that tone with me, I had to show you the door. I don't need someone in my life who gives me such a bad feeling. And so you know, my life has improved a lot since you've been gathering dust in the corner of the bathroom. Yeah, I was experiencing a fit dip the other day, but don't start gloating because it had nothing to do with you. I just lost my mojo, but I found it again. All by myself. That surprises you? Well, I set new goals for myself and found a new gym. In no time I was back in the right flow. It even felt like this different way of training was already paying off. I was like a rocket! Until I had to adjust my ADHD medication. Then there you were again, lurking in the corner. I couldn't ignore you any longer. I had to deal with you. I wished I didn't need to. And you just can't help yourself, the nasty piece of shit that you are.  "You see Anna! You're not doing as good as you thought, huh? Was it really such a good idea to change the gym? Apparently those workouts you do by yourself don't do much for you. You have chosen the easiest path again. You'll be back to your old weight before you even know it. You only see what you want to see, but I advise you to get off your pink cloud and accept the facts: you're fat! No progress! You call yourself a Fit Girl? If only people knew what you weigh..." And there, my mojo left the building. But dude, I out smarted you. I know the truth now. I know about all those other women. You've been messing with them too. You won't get away with it any longer. We know what kind of sick games you play! Together we are much stronger than you. We do strength training. Did you forget about that? So if you harass any of us again, we'll throw you right out the window. "Gosh, what happened to the scales?" No idea! I guess nobody gave a shit about that thing anymore!