Life is short: wear lipstick!

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There is one simple rule when it comes to wearing lipstick: if the eye make-up is your focus, then keep the lips subtle: choose a sheer or nude lipstick shade that enhances your natural lip colour. BUT if you keep your eye make-up super simple (neutral shadows, a little bit of eyeliner and mascara), than you can go bold with the lips!

Every girl walked out of a cosmetic store or beauty department once with 28 different colour lipstick stripes on her hand, but the best way to test a lip shade is on (SURPRISE) the lips! So I did!

 This colour lipstick is nude and doesn't do anything for my face. Maybe a smokey eye would be better with this.

Ahh the classic red lips! I love this colour lipstick. It screams happy!

I am a big fan of the darker, more purple lipstick, like this one called Starry Eyed. Perfect for wintertime!

If you want to stand out then buy a red/orange lipstick! A total head turner!

Oeh la la! This is my Christmas favourite! A beautiful creamy, red wine lipstick, One-of-a-Kind.

With this colour red you can't go wrong! Wear it to work or on a hot date. Either way, it will make your day!

My new years resolution for 2015 is wearing lipstick more often! What's your favorite color?

XO Kiki

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