Listen to your body

Fit & Training door thijs

Some time ago, we received a question from Irene. She sometimes feels that working out for 4 hours isn’t good enough and she is afraid that her cheats are worse than those of the other Fit Girls.  Moreover, Irene worries that her healthy lifestyle might become an obsession. So her question is, how do we deal with that? And do we all experience this?

Don’t worry Irene, we all experience this! I certainly do.  But trust me when I am saying that working out for 4 hours a week is good enough! Everyone is different and has their own schedule. You don't have to work out everyday to feel good. It all depends on the time you have, your surroundings and what you think is enough. Listen to your body and try to put everything in perspective.

Of course, being confronted with these perfect images on a daily basis is difficult, but, on the other hand, what is perfect? I can sometimes feel really insecure about these pictures as well, but then why would I want to look like that? And then I think everyone looks beautiful in their own way. Try to think about these pictures as people who have imperfections as well. Nobody is perfect, but everyone is beautiful in their own way! The most important part is that you're staying fit and healthy while listening to your body.

Moreover, don’t be afraid that your cheats are worse than those of the other Fit Girls. We love cheat days! And that’s why we don’t hold back during those days. Believe me when I say that on my cheat day I eat a full bag of crisps, one chocolate bar and drink sodas. Everyone has their own way of doing stuff. Try to do what feels good for you and try not to feel guilty. You've worked so hard, you deserve a cheat day :).

Also, try not to compare yourself to others. Focus on yourself and your body and what feels good for you. You are perfect the way you are, remember that. Everyone is different in their own way! Also check out Anna's article about how to prevent your fit goals from becoming an obsession.