No pain, no gain

Fit & Training door anna FG

Hi there Fit Girls (and boys)! I started the most serious part of my fit journey almost 5 months ago. I have shared my personal experiences with you guys along the way and I really enjoy doing that. It first of all gives me a great feeling that I can inspire others (never thought of myself like that), but writing about my ups and downs is also therapeutic for me in some way. Whenever I feel down, writing about my journey makes me realize how far I’ve come already. Yesterday my trainer said: “Setting goals for yourself like you have, and overcoming them is like top class sport. It requires determination and discipline. “ And I think he is right.

It was pretty hard to go to the gym when your friends ask you to join you for drinks in the sun after work. And to say no to someone’s birthday cake at work for the third time in a row. And to keep your snack-hand under control every time you are surrounded by mouth-watering (not so healthy) snacks at a party. And to get yourself straight after you’ve had cheat day. And to not give a damn about the scale at some point and trust your own eyes when you look at yourself in the mirror. And to push through during a training even if you think you are gonna die. I literally cried during my personal training a few times, because I faced my own challenge and got so overwhelmed with emotions.

But you know, it was worth every single drop of sweat, tears and frustration when you finally fit in the beautiful jeans you bought a size too small. When people start telling you how great you look. When trying on a bikini in a fitting room doesn’t make you feel depressed anymore. When you beat your own personal sport records. (I managed to score ‘good’ for my cooper test 2 weeks ago) When eating healthy doesn’t feel like a punishment anymore but you actually prefer your own baked goodies over some crap from the supermarket.

So whenever you have to crawl from your desk to the toilet after an intense ‘leg-day’ or skip the vino and smelly but oh-so delish cheese once again, remember that the old adage applies here yet again:

No pain, no gain!