Enter the MIPACHA giveaway! Every week you can win a pair of your very own, very special MIPACHA shoes to show to world! Here’s what you need to know!


These very creative and unique shoes come from far, far away, from the land of Cuzco in Peru, where MIPACHA was founded. They are carefully handmade by locals and inspired by the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of Peru. Each pair of MIPACHA shoes tells it’s own story, through its colors and symbolic motifs of the local textiles.

MIPACHA shoes are made with local Peruvian textiles and materials, handmade in Peru by passionate and skilled craftspeople. Throughout the creation of MIPACHA footwear, everyone maintains western-standard working conditions, and a minimum of 10% of our profit is used to develop and support projects for the people and communities of Cuzco.



What does MIPACHA stand for?

The name, meaning ‘my world’ in Quechua and their logo are inspired by an ancient Inca belief that Cuzco (where the shoes are made) is the center of the world. By stepping in these shoes, you make it your world.


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