Emily! Congratulations Emily, you and your sister are the lucky winners of the FRENDS giveaway! We were inspired by your story and hope you’ll enjoy the headphones.  

Didn’t win? Don’t worry! There are many other headphones or earplugs! We have found some headphones that you might like as well including the FRENDS headphones of course. It might be good to know that there are several options to choose from: headphones, earphones (buds), and wireless headphones. It’s always good to find out which headphones are the more appropriate for the type of body movement you’re engaged in and which ones will feel and look better. In short, how can you chose the best ones for you?


ella b in ear

Not the winner? But still wanting the headphones from FRENDS? This is the Ella B in-ear headphone. Simple and beautiful.


dr beat


If your ears are really small, you can get annoyed with wearing earphones because they tend to fall out. For this reason you can try out these headphones that won’t fall off your head when you’re exercising. A plus is also that this headphone doesn’t have any wires that you can get tangled up in.




Because we are build differently, it’s very important to look for a pair of earphones that best fit our needs (and ears) and to get the best out of our music and workouts!  Since you can’t really try these things on in the store, always go for a set of earphones that includes several pairs of rubber adaptors of different sizes.




If you feel like you need more support, you can also try these earbuds for more support if you feel like that earplugs are always falling out with other earphone models.




Did you find these suggestions useful? Are you a proud owner of any of these gears and have some feedback for us? What kind of head/ear phones are you currently using?


*We have contacted the winner


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