Here is my top 3 core stability exercises that will make you get a strong core in no time and get some gunzz in the arm department. No, you will not look like Poppey the sailor girl instantly. But I promise that you will rock those sleeveless (crop)tops with proud during those hot summer days.

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I can still remember the time that doing 1 push up felt like running 5K. Now….I can’t live without them. The regular push up acquires core stability, regular breathing and focus. So get on with it and get started. NO, NO, NO…..we don’t believe in girl push up..oh we do, but we call them #badass Fit Girl push ups instead!

There is just one rule……we start with the push up on our toes. #dontbelieveusjustwatch. If you nail this move, all the other push ups will seem like childsplay.

  1. Push up on toes with 2 balls
  2. Push up using a balance board
  3. Push up balancing on 2 dumbells
    Hope you get inspired by these variatons of the push up. Hit me up on @iris_fitgirl to let me know if you tried them out.

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