Nike FuelBand SE review: works like a charm

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I’ve been wearing the Nike FuelBand for a few weeks now so it’s time for a little review of my experience with this cute little motivator.

First I will start with the pros:

+ The Nike FuelBand tells you when you’ve been sitting for too long GO ARANKA GO... my small displays reads.  I really like the personal touch here. Here are some office exercises you can do if you –like me – have an office job.

+ The daily goal of fuel points keeps you on your toes. At #FITGIRLCODE HQ we all have a FuelBand and it gets pretty competitive at times.

+ The design of the FuelBand is sleek and works with almost every outfit.

+ You can shower with the FuelBand. And yes, washing hair will get you some extra fuel points

+ You can easily charge the FuelBand by sticking it in a USB charger.

+ You can customize the FuelBand to your desires and needs.

Convinced yet? We would not be #FITGIRLCODE if we were not critics of just about anything. So here’s what I did not particulary like. The cons:

- The GO ARANKA GO is great and all.. But sometimes I just don’t wanna GO..

- I have an Iphone 4.. and the FuelBand cannot be synchronised with everything below 4s. And if you have an Android phone.. same story.

- Biking is my cardio. And the FuelBand does not seem to count my daily exercise routine.

In conclusion; apart from some minor difficulties I like the Nike FuelBand SE. Sometimes we fight, but most of the time when she tells me to GO...I can sigh and growl, but in the end. I almost always GO.