It’s no secret that Nike is a huge obsession of mine from a collection of shoes, clothes, accessories and even a tattoo (that will be debuted in a future article). One thing every Fit Girl should have that is healthy and free is the Nike+ Training Club (NTC) App. Most of us cannot afford trainers, let alone world renowned Nike personal trainers, but thanks to Nike’s Marie Purvis we have all of her world class workouts right at our fingertips.

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Nike Training Club – Anytime, Anywhere, Any Goal is Yours!

I first downloaded the NTC app in 2011 during my graduate school studies when I needed efficient and focused workouts that gave me a great sweat with enough time to still study for classes. The app provides focused workouts for anyone looking to: Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong or Get Focused through circuit training. N+TC users can select workouts for duration of 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes for a quick go to workout or a longer sweat session. Trust me, for us Fit Girls on the go with busy lives, those 15 minute sessions are great to get fit and on with life!


Article 2 Pic 2Nike has enhanced the app over the years to incorporate the favorite workouts of top female athletes in the world such as: Maria Sharapova, Gabby Douglas, Hope Solo, Serena Williams and Sydney Leroux to name a few. My personal favorite go to workouts are Beach Balance Workout (15 min), Ab and Butt (30 min), Beach Legs (15 min) and Alpha Abs (15 min). I love to pair 15 and 30 minute circuits with other strength training sessions in the weight room to make for a great full body workout. The beauty is you only need a mat, medicine ball, foam roller and dumbbells which must of us fit girls already own. My dirty little secret is I despise doing any form of traditional cardio so NTC sessions act as my form of cardio since the circuits keep you moving and your heart rate elevated.

Article 2 Pic 3-2The NTC app is great for fit girls of all levels whether you are just starting out or advanced and looking to really take your workouts even further. Best of all, the application provides voice instruction and video breakdown of each exercise each step of the way so you are never training alone. I just recently finished a program within the app which is great to hold yourself accountable to knocking out NTC sessions on the regular! Just reached 4500 minutes and looking to reach that 5000 minute mark very soon!


Download the app, pick a goal (get lean, get toned, get strong, get focused), pick your music and get to moving. I promise you will feel the full effects of a great workout and will not regret it. This is an app that won’t just take up space on your tablet or phone, more than likely it will allow extra space in your clothes from shedding pounds and building muscle!


And for all of those fit girls with Nike Fuelbands, it even lets you know how much fuel you will earn with each session you select! It does not get much better than that so JUST DO IT!

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