Alright! So, with my recent stress fracture injury, I had to look to other modes of exercise. As a runner, it’s often hard to face an injury, and we try to push past it. My advice: DON’T. You’ll end up hurting yourself worse, and being out for several weeks (for me, it was about 5, but I still have some lingering pain). Back to the point–instead of running, I completed the Nike Training Club 4-week Get Toned program.

I loved it! The first week was tough. Shifting from a mainly cardio to a mainly strength training regimen was harder than expected. I had to modify the workouts slightly so that they were lower impact and not further injuring my foot (regular squats instead of squat jumps, etc.) The first thing I noticed was how weak my upper body is! Arms especially. Boooooo. Still, it was super fun and challenging.


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