Still looking for ideas on how to spice up your workout routine? I got you, with this No Gym? No Problem?! – The ultimate chair workout. Ready. Set. BEASTMODE!

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Let’s go

In The Ultimate Chair Workout by Cosmo Body – JJ Dancer you’ll find just what you are looking for: a short, effective and  challenging workout. Dancer and trainer Jennifer Johnson takes working out  very serious, but who said working out can’t be fun as well? While incorporating dance, ballet, balance and strength moves in to her workouts, she always manages to put a smile on my sweaty face while I’m doing them. And I bet you will love her workouts too.

Better booty bootcamp

For all you #BOSSES who cannot get enough, here is a bonus, because you know that is just how I do. Keep this #BETTERBOOTYBOOTCAMP  bookmarked, make a printscreen on your phone or tablet and get to work! Adding some weights will spice up the workout even more. #BURNBOOTYBURN!

Quick tips

  • Make sure you use a  sturdy chair and place it on an even surface
  • Always use a chair you can easily move around
  • Avoid using foldable chairs or chairs with armrests
  • Keep a towel and some water nearby
  • Have fun!

That is that! I’d love to hear from you in the comments or on my Instagram @ily_fitgirl


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