Peanutbutter: what's in a jar!

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We probably all have one or more jars in our kitchen and we should have! Not because it just tastes really good but because it has lot's of health advantages. Here are five reasons why peanutbutter is good for us. And you know what's even better? There is a 20% discount on all sorts and sizes of peanut butter at the Body & Fit Shop! Oh my!

1) It’s packed with awesome nutrients
One serving (tablespoon) of an average peanutbutter contains Vitamin E which is a powerful anti oxidant, lots of magnesium for your bones, potassium for building up muscles and some vitamin B6 to boost your immunity.

2) Contains lots of healthy fats
There are different kinds of fat (the good ones and the ‘bad’ ones). Peanutbutter contains loads of mono-saturated fats, which are the healthy ones. So don’t buy reduced-fat or low-fat peanutbutter, save your money. It’s not better for you, in fact it’s mostly stuffed with other ingredients (mostly sugar) to replace the fats.

3) Manganese
There is a mineral called ‘Manganese’. It helps your body removing toxic ammonias and it protects your cells from physiological stress. Next to that it’s helpful for tissue growth, bone development and wound-healing.  And guess what, peanutbutter is stuffed with it!

4) It keeps the cravings away
Peanutbutter is a really satisfying food because of the proteins, mono-saturated fats and fibers in it. Peanutbutter keeps us from getting 'hangry'. All of you Fit Girls probably recognise this state of mind where you are really (but i mean REALLY) hungry that it gets you angry. We do not want that so get a spoon and put in in the jar!

5) Just because it tastes a-ma-zing.
You can spread it on products like fruits, bread, wraps and ice cream. There are also lot's of recipes that use peanutbutter as an ingredient for cooking and baking.

Ofcourse we all know that you have to eat everything in moderation, that also counts for peanutbutter. But a spoon (or two) a day can have some real advantages for your health so it should definitely be part of your daily intake! Get your peanut butter with a discount NOW!