We are proud to present to you... Jogha!

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You might have already seen hints of it on our Instagram account or Facebook... And now the day has finally come to launch my baby: Jogha, a new luxury sportswear brand. Jogha started as an idea and evolved into a garment to help you discover the badass within. Check out the story behind Jogha now!

Jogha was created out of the need of women to have both a high quality and fashionable sports outfit without having to compromise on either of these two aspects. Women who want to look good and get the best out of themselves, during their work out and after it. With these women as its muse, Jogha now launches its debut Badass Collection. The collection consists of fashionable prints straight of the runway, designed to mix and match and become your favorite outfit. The high-end materials make up the perfect fit and the moisture management materials ensure a stylish look and ultimate comfort during your workout.

If that's not awesome enough for you, let me explain how this idea came into my head and how it evolved into something actually tangible. I have always been an entrepreneurial spirit and cherished the dream to start my own business someday. When I was looking for fashionable sportswear, I could find lots of high quality gear but nothing that matched my inner fashiolista. So I decided... Why not make it myself?

The ones I cannot thank enough in this journey are all of you. Yes, you, you who are reading this right now. You Fit Girls have inspired me and have given me insights into what women are looking for in their ideal sportswear. And that's how Jogha came into existence, a brand for strong women who chase their dreams. I think it's safe to say that we all believe that if you feel good in what you wear, you can excel in what you do. Let's excel in the gym. In our yoga class. In our daily morning run. Let's discover all of our badasses within!






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