Quark with a summer fruit coulis and grapefruit

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This super easy and quick breakfast is perfect for people that love to work out or just need a little bit of extra energy in the morning. This quark with a summer fruit coulis and grapefruit is full of protein and vitamins! Choose organic quark, this is much creamier and tastier. Use a frozen summer fruit mix to make the coulis: it’s cheaper and tastes almost as good as fresh fruit.

What do you need for 1 portion?

  • 300 ml quark
  • 1 handful frozen summer fruit
  • ½ grapefruit
  • 1 tbs pistacchio nuts
  • 1 tbs beepollen

Heat up the summer fruit (microwave 1,5 min or use a small pan). Mix it well with a fork, and use it hot if prefererred or let it cool down. That’s your healthy easy coulis!

Mix the quark with the summer fruit coulis. Add the grapefruit in small pieces and sprinkle the pistacchio nuts and beepollen on top. Enjoy!