Last week Alicia and I cooked  some delicious, healthy dishes at the Albert Heijn Bio pop-up store in Amsterdam! But we weren’t the only ones, there were some awesome bloggers creating some good stuff. And guess what?! All these healthy recipes will be bundled into an e-book called AH Biologisch! That’s kinda a Fit Girl’s dream right, having your healthy recipe in an e-book 🙂 So what did we prepare? We made 2 healthy dinner recipes containing mostly organic products. For the full recipes and more, download the e-book here

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Healthy organic noodles

This was so delicious! We used organic noodles, some chicken and veggies like broccoli and avocado, and voila: a healthy and super tasty dish. We all know by now why broccoli is basically the superhero among veggies, and avocado’s, well, they are just too good 😉 So we mixed everything together and the result was amazing, really something you should try!

Albert Heijn has a wide range of products that are organic, environment-friendly and have not been handled with chemicals. Since us Fit Girls need a healthy world to run around on and a healthy body to do that with, we prefer our foods to be organic!

Vegetarian pasta with walnuts

I love pasta! Even more when it’s healthy 😉 For this pasta we used organic whole wheat pasta and a lot of veggies and herbs, like tomatoes, avocado’s, pesto and basil. And, maybe somewhat surprising, walnuts! This is a perfect option for the vegetarian Fit Girls, but even if you are not, this is a delicious variation you should definitely try out.

It can sometimes be quite a task to gather organic ingredients for your meal, but luckily many stores, like the Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn, are expanding their organic assortiment. You can basically find an organic alternative to almost every ingredient you’re looking for.

Download the AH Biologisch e-book at for the full recipes (of us and the other bloggers) and personal tips & tricks on how to eat organic! We’d love to see you experimenting with organic products – it gives us inspiration too! So make sure to share  your favorites on social media with #lekkerbio and #AH.

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