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Even though it's cold and dull outside, that's no excuse to not make a spring wishlist and do some window shopping (online is totally acceptable, who wants to brave the elements?!). I'm kind of done with the winter coats and boots and wishing it was spring already. It's time for something new! I've spent hours and hours browsing through my favourite websites. Time to give you girls some inspiration!

I absolutely love to take inspiration from my favourite fashion blogs and Pinterest boards. After I've finished saving my favourite outfits, it's time to search for the ultimate look-a-likes. That's how I create my own wishlist of dream outfits for each new season. Today I present to you my 2016 spring wishlist, full of fashion goodness.

My everyday look

Retro cropped top ♥ Molly jeans ♥ Suede bag ♥ Denim jacket

Ladies, here is a tip for everyone who's struggling to find the perfect pair of jeans: Try on the 'Molly' jeans from River Island. These jeans have changed my life, I'm not even kidding. I own about 3 pairs of Molly jeans and the quality is amazing. The colours don't fade and even the crotch looks undamaged after wearing it for one year, YAY! I love to wear these jeans with a denim jacket and a cute cropped top. I'm such a sucker for these cute retro-ish tops.

Black body ♥ Jeans ♥ Heels ♥ 'By night' perfume

The ultimate party look

Bodysuits are so incredibly HOT! Especially the incredibly low cut pieces. To compensate the very outstanding cleavage I love to wear them with a basic pair of jeans. I personally think dancing the night away is a lot easier when you're wearing a comfortable pair of jeans. To glam up this party look I'd love to combine it with these gorgeous black heels. To finish I always apply a bit of my favourite party perfume.

Am I allowed to already dream about my favourite swimwear by River Island? It's too cute to be true. Even though it's still a couple of months until I can actually wear bikini's, adding them my wishlist won't do any harm.

Crochet top ♥ Ripped shorts ♥ Swimsuit ♥ Sunglasses ♥ Shoes

A crochet top is the ultimate must have for the upcoming festival season. Especially when you wear it with a cute pair of distressed shorts. This year I definitely want to get myself a swimsuit. Bikini's are obviously great for tanning but swimsuits look really chic! I've already added this one with mesh details to my wishlist. I'm always struggling to find the perfect pair of shoes during summer. The simple low converse sneakers are cute but not really anything special. These heeled sandals however look cute and comfortable at the same time!

This is my ultimate spring wishlist so far. I really hope I can get myself one (but preferably all) of these gorgeous items asap! 

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