Hey there Fit Girls! Are you one of those sporty spices that hate running? Who thinks she isn’t made for running? Maybe you think running is boring, or injury-prone. Don’t be afraid, this isn’t going to be a post about why you should run (although as a recovering running junkie I think you should). Today, running is for everyone. And with short, fun, and social running events added to the race calendar even non-competitive runners are able to enjoy their first race!

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There are lots and lots of different fun runs to choose from. The Color Run, Obstacle Runs, Music Runs and Dress up Runs. But there is one special type of dress up run that I want to highlight here.

disney-princess-runnerI would love to live stateside some day, and from both a dress up fan and running junkie perspective the RunDisney events are one reason why. First of all, I think it would be amaaaazing to run a course through Disneyland or Disneyworld. Duh. Secondly, dressing up as your favorite Disney character is like Halloween or Mardi Gras coming early. I particularly like the Disney Princess Half Marathon, as it adds some serious girl power to the girly prettiness and pinkness of most princess characters. I would definitely go as Pocahontas. Or Mulan. Or Merida. Those princesses are totally badass!




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