Every week, a couple of Fit Girls are sharing their most embarrassing stories anonymously. Prepare yourself for some hilarious and belly shaking confessions.

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#1. Confession

I was friends with a guy for quite a long time and we always talked about awesome movies. We were talking about a movie and it turned out we both still wanted to see it, so he suggested to watch it together. Since I was dating someone else at that moment (which he knew of) and we had been friends for a while, I thought it was solely friendship between us and I didn’t see any harm in watching a movie together. However, as soon as I arrived at his place, he started to make moves, such as ‘Oh wow you look so good tonight!’ although I was just wearing a plain old sweater. While watching the movie he did the classic fake-yawn and put his arm around me, after which he huddled closer and closer. Only then it hit me: this is a date. Shit. I had to avoid a lot of kissing attempts and endured many awkward hugs that night. Finally when the movie ended I mumbled that I really had to go home immediately because I still had some homework. Awkward!

#2. Confession

My last vacation was in Turkey and in Turkey they have a lot of bidets. Well, I actually really liked those kind of things and so that’s why I used them all the time. At one point, me and my friends went out for dinner and I was wearing a tight bodysuit. I was going to the bathroom, and of course I was using the bidet, just like I was used to doing in Turkey. However, this was a different bidet. When I pushed the button a really hard trinkle of water bursted out of the bidet and the whole back of my bodysuit was soaking  wet. Luckily, I had a vest on me to cover it up, but I will be a bit more careful next time I’ll use a bidet.

#3. Confession

I started weightlifting a couple of months ago. My favorite exercise was a squat in a squat rack. I squatted with pretty heavy weights (up to 60 kilograms). One day, unfortunately, the squat rack was occupied by a couple of muscled boys, doing biceps curls. So I asked them if they could move. I mean, you don’t need a whole squat rack to do biceps curls, right? One of the boys stepped up to me, and said he wanted to show me his favorite squat move. And before I knew it, he grabbed me and he threw me over his shoulders, and started doing squats with me as his weight! He put me back on my feet gently and all his friends started laughing. Afterwards, they left, so I could use my squat rack. Frankly I didn’t know whether to laugh with them, or punch him in the face! And my favorite exercise squatting has never felt the same since…!

We’re looking for girls that would like to share their confessions anonymously! Do you have a really awkward and funny story to share with us, please send an email to Nathalie@fitgirlcode.com and who knows, your story could be in our next blog! 

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