Every week, a couple of Fit Girls are sharing their most embarrassing stories anonymously. Prepare yourself for some hilarious and belly shaking confessions.

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#1. Confession

This is one of the awkward situations during one of the group lessons in my gym. We had to make crunches while we were in a cross-legged position. I was wearing loose shorts and I didn’t notice that the others could look into my shorts during my crunches. Apparently, everyone could see my neon pink panties including the cute looking gym instructor. Luckily, one of my BFFF’s saved me as soon as she noticed that I had to cover up the situation down there. I learned my lesson and from now on I’ll think twice about what I’m wearing before I’ll go to the gym.

#2. Confession

My best friend and I were in a huge fight and I was pretty upset about it. However, I was also quite angry with her, so I decided to poor my heart out to a common friend. I let her read my Whatsapp conversation in which my best friend said some pretty nasty stuff that really hurt my feelings. Our common friend started to comment on the whole Whatsapp conversation. However, little did she know that the tip of her finger was on the microphone of the Whatsapp conversation. This meant she recorded a whole voice message of her saying things about my best friend that weren’t so nice. You can guess what happened, the voice message was send to my best friend. She was even more angy and now both of us aren’t friends with her anymore. Still, I consider it as a good thing, because my former best friend was actually constantly hurting my feelings.

#3. Confession

I just had a boyfriend and things were getting quite serious. But here’s the thing, I usually don’t like to do a number two in someone’s house and especially not in my new boyfriend’s house. So when he went to the shower, I went to the toilet. He didn’t have any air refreshener so I burned a match to cover up the smell. Normally, people understand when you’re doing these kind of things. However, when my boyfriend came out of the shower, he was like: “what’s that smell?” and “why did you do this?” It was so embarrassing, that I had to admit that I did a number two and that I lightened a match to cover up the smell. Luckily, this didn’t have any consequences for our relationship, because we are still very happy together.

We’re looking for girls that would like to share their confessions anonymously! Do you have a really awkward and funny story to share with us, please send an email to Nathalie@fitgirlcode.com and who knows, your story could be in our next blog! 

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