A quick guide to making your own supplements

Understand Your Needs

Understanding what you want or need to improve when it comes to your health is the first step to making your own supplements. Before you purchase anything, you should do your research into the potential ingredients you can purchase to support certain areas of your health. This will allow you to find the most sustainable, economical and effective products for your homemade supplements.


Get Your Ingredients

Once you know what you need, it is time to purchase the ingredients and any other materials required to process the materials for your homemade supplements. The great thing about making your own supplements is that you can add a range of ingredients that will benefit and support your health the way that you want it to. Bulk buying your ingredients will usually save you money in the future.


Choose Your Capsules

The next step to making your own supplements is choosing the capsules right for you. If you have specific dietary requirements, then you need to make sure you do your research into the capsules you are buying, and to purchase gelatin-free or vegetable-based capsules if you are vegan or vegetarian. It may be more expensive to begin with, but buying capsules in bulk saves money over the long haul.


Mix Your Ingredients

Now that you understand your needs, have your ingredients and have chosen your capsules, you will need to mix them. Certain materials will work better when taken with others and will improve the effects of the substances than if they were taken alone This is known as a synergistic reaction. The materials you buy will determine how to prepare them, so make sure you research this beforehand.


Filling a Capsule

As soon as your ingredients have been mixed together, you will need to fill your capsules, which is pretty simple. Before you start filling, you should open up the entire empty capsule first. This will make it easier to load them up later. Now they are all open, all you need to do is pour the powder or liquid into the capsule’s base. When joining the capsule together, press down on the top and lock it.


Capsules Vs. Tablets

This guide tells you how to make supplements in capsule form, but you can make them as tablets if you prefer to do so. The main issue with making your own supplements in tablet form is that you need a press in order to make it, which can be expensive. If you don’t mind paying for the equipment, but you can’t decide whether to make capsules or tablets, then you should explore the pros and cons.

Making your own supplements is easy enough as long as you have the time and energy to explore what is best for you. It may feel more expensive when you start, but with time, you will notice that making your own will save you money in the future.

How You Can Use a Staycation to Boost Your Wellness

Stock Up on Health-related Products

If you realize that you haven’t put much money into health products in the past few months and you’re running low, then don’t worry; it’s possible to find some excellent deals for the health-minded yet frugal individual, including using discount codes or attractive coupons to lower the costs. The site linked above has everything from meal planners to special Keto deals to massage essentials to keep you happy and comfortable.

Establish Better Routines

When you were at work, you were no doubt running out the door seemingly unprepared, and the rush never seemed to stop. From the stop/start procession through commuting traffic to the stress of the workday, it was physically and mentally exhausting. Maintaining or restarting healthy routines while trying to keep up with this routine often proves next to impossible.

Now that you’re on a staycation, it’s a wonderful time to slow down, take in some calming breaths, and exhale! Then look at how you can organize your life better to fit everything into it without the rush or panic. With more organization and new routines, it’ll be easier to manage in the future too.

Also, it’s a good idea to develop a staycation routine that provides some normalcy in your life. Usually, time off doesn’t require this; however, some staycations are getting extended and so a routine is beneficial to still feel in control.

Rebalance Yourself

Drink more water and reduce your coffee intake over time. We don’t recommend going cold turkey on coffee, as you may enjoy it, and the caffeine withdrawal can cause terrible headaches for a few days.

Ensure that you get a glass of water in the morning to rehydrate after sleeping. Bookend that with a glass of water in the hours before bedtime and several more throughout the day too.

Also, add in a multi-vitamin fortified with minerals if you don’t already take one. This will manage any deficiencies in your diet.

Exercise More

Exercising gets you out of a rut if you’re home and don’t know what to do with yourself. While it will be tiring at first, soon it’ll supply extra energy. Use Calisthenics as a form of bodyweight exercise to perform at home. Some positional movements don’t require equipment at all.

Alternatively, only a mat is required to practice some yoga positions and transition through them in a series. It requires more effort than is commonly believed and clears your mind.

Practice Meditation

When the staycation is playing with your head because you’re not getting enough outdoor time or variety, then it’s time to ease your worries.

Try a mediation app like Calm, Headspace, or Aura to take yourself away from your current time and space. Use different programs to find the one you prefer – whether that’s a silent meditation or something else more to your liking.

Even if you haven’t given it a go before, the free time is a perfect opportunity to be open to new things. There are also YouTube soundtracks for active meditation that are a good introduction to slowing down and finding mental peace.

By using your staycation to be healthier and get to a better place in your life, it’s possible to come out of it as a happier person. It will also help make you more resilient for any turbulence to come.

How to make a healthy meal in no time!

Nowadays, almost everyone is incredibly busy. Working, studying, traveling, appointments, visiting family, meeting with friends, playing sports ans so on, our busy schedules ensure that we have almost no time to do nothing. Unfortunately, these busy schedules also ensure that we do not have hours to prepare the most healthy and delicious meals in the kitchen, but we prefer to cook a somewhat unhealthier meal that we can make faster. That is really a shame and absolutely unnecessary, because with the right preparation you can also simply put a quick, healthy meal on the table! Curious how? I share the best tips for a quick healthy meal with you!


Yes, you’re right: make a weekly menu for yourself every week. For example, think about what you want to eat for the rest of the week at the weekend and make sure you know exactly what ingredients you need per day. Then try to get all the groceries in one go! A big advantage of this is that you get exactly what you need, and leave the unhealthy snacks in the supermarket. If you sit on the couch one day and feel that there is a snack attack coming, you cannot take unhealthy things! In addition, it also saves a lot of time if you only have to go shopping once a week, and time is exactly what we all sometimes lack, isn’t it?


As the name suggests, a fast healthy meal is especially nice because you can prepare it quickly. Stay realistic, because a recipe that normally lasts 3 hours isn’t suddenly ready within 15 minutes. For example, choose to put a tasty soup on the table once or twice a week. In addition, our website is full of recipes that are all delicious and healthy and also quite fast and easy to make, so you can get enough inspiration from this!


Many Fit Girls are already using this method and we are a huge fan: meal preps! Choose a day when you really have time to cook different dishes that you can eat during this week. In this way you can already cook pasta, cut certain vegetables or bake chicken. In this way, you do not have to be in the kitchen for so long. Winning!


Have you cooked a little too much by accident and have you really not been able to eat all those goodies? Don’t throw it away! You can use this as a lunch for the next day. In addition, you can also save all the ingredients that you have left during cooking and turn them into a delicious dish at the end of the week. That way, you don’t throw anything away, you still have the healthy things at home and it is all pre-baked or pre-cut. Ideal, right?!


The freezer is your best friend! You can store almost everything in the freezer and this is the ideal solution if you don’t have time to cook! Make sure there are a few dishes in your freezer that you can easily defrost. Ideal! So are you planning to eat a nice cup of soup this week? Then immediately make 5 cups! You can keep this perfectly in the freezer and that saves you a lote of work in the kitchen if you are in a hurry!

Hopefully these tips will help you to put a quick, healthy meal on the table more often. If it doesn’t work out for once, this is of course absolutely no problem! Balace is key and it is especially important that you can really enjoy your meals. How do you ensure that you put healthy meals on the table when you are busy? Let me know by responding below this article!

The best arm workouts for fit girls

It’s time for a new workout! We often hear that women don’t like training their arms as much as the rest of the body. Maybe it’s because the exercises can be quite intensive, but did you know that your shoulders and upper back contain the least fat of your entire body? So if you do the right arm exercises, you can give this area a makeover in no time!



The normal push-up

The great thing about the push-up is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. These exercises not only provide training for your arm and chest muscles, but also make your core stronger.


  • Lie flat on the floor with your face to the ground. Keep your feet together. Your weight must rest on your chest.
  • Put your hands down with your palms flat on the floor, slightly wider than your shoulders and with your elbows facing your toes.
  • Now raise yourself by using your arms. At this point your weight must be carried by your hands and the ball of your feet.
  • Make sure you are in a straight line from your head to your feet. You call this position a ”plank” and you can also use it for various other exercises.
  • This is the start and end position of a push-up.

On your knees:

If you are still unable to do a regular push-up, try to do it on your knees. You can also start with normal push-ups and then move to your knees if it gets too heavy. Follow the instructions for the normal push-up, but keep both knees on the floor. Make sure you use your chest, shoulders, and triceps to raise yourself. Don’t use your hips or back!


Kettlebell lifts 

You probably see people waving more and more in the gym with a weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. Those weird things are called ”kettlebells”, and they have used for centuries by Russian powerhouses to become ”strong as a bull”. If you don’t have a kettlebell yet, you can buy one, use a dumbbell or even a bottle filled with water.


  • Sit on your knees and put the kettlebell (dumbbell/waterbottle) in front of you.
  • Grab it with both hands, hold your elbows along your body and lift the kettlebell to the height of your chest and put it back.
  • Make sure you keep your back straight and push your pelvis forward as you lift the weight.


Reverse push-up

This reverse push-up is the complete opposite of the normal push-up. Your hands and feet are still on the floor, but you are in an inverted position.


  • Lie down with your back on the floor, with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Place your hands on the floor with your ears flat and palms facing your feet. Your elbows should then face the ceiling.
  • Raise your hips towards the ceiling and at the same time push your shoulders off the ground by actively using your arms.
  • Fully extend your arms, bend your back and lift your heels off the ground.
  • Slowly lower yourself again until you lie down and repeat the exercise.
  • If your body is raised, you should form a nice arch and your head should hang straight down.


So, now you know what to do! Try to do what you can, but don’t go too far. You may challenge yourself, but do it with your mind and listen carefully to your body. Reaching your goal can also take a little longer than a month. It doesn’t matter! The most important thing is that you take steps towards your goal. This is how you will ultimately get there! Good luck girls! 

5 tips to stay fit!

Eating healthy and exercising seems very easy, but sometimes you don’t have any motivation to keep it up. But we can work on that! That’s why today is the day that you can tackle it differently. I present you the best tips to get fit again.


A lot of people go on a diet when they want to lose weight, but the trick is to keep it up. A diet is temporary and often hard to maintain. When you focus on a healthy lifestyle, you don’t have to forbid yourself anything. A healthy lifestyle is for the rest of your life. And the rest of your life living without chocolate is going to be hard, if you know what I mean. You probably have to be patient for the results, but when you see them, it will get easier to keep up the lifestyle.


If your pantry is full of unhealthy food, you are inclined to eat it. But when you have chosen to start now, it’s better to give the food to your friends or family. No more excuses! It will give you more peace of mind.


It’s very important to keep moving, every day. Exercising ensures a good blood circulation and it helps against stress and other aches and pains. 30 minutes may seem like a lot, when your constantly on the road. But take a walk in your lunchbreak and you’re done for the day! Your concentration will get a boost too, that’s how you can prevent your dip after the lunch.


Undertaking activities with friends or family gives a lot of energy. So make sure you have something fun to do every week! Something you can look forward to. You can also do this on your own. Sign up for a trial lesson of kickboxing, to boost your cardio. Or explore a new city in the weekend. There are so much things you can do!


Better together! Find a friend you can go on a fit journey with. Go to the beach together to have a run or exercise once a week together. It’s nice to have someone closeto you, who you can share your struggles with. Changing your way of living isn’t easy. You can help each other when it becomes difficult!


How do you stay fit? And what do you think about these tips? Let us know in the comments! Good luck with your Fit journey 🙂