VIDEO: #FITGIRLCODE interviews Kayla Itsines

As many of you know, Kayla Itsines visited The Netherlands last week! The Australian Fit Girl is well known for her e-book Bikini Body Guides and has over 3 million followers on Instagram. During her world tour she does what she loves most: train, inspire and motivate people.  Founder of ​#FITGIRLCODE, Aranka, sat down with Kayla for an interview. 

What inspired you to create the Bikini Body Guide?

I’ve been a personal trainer since the age of 18 and when I would ask my clients what they wanted to achieve, they would say they didn’t want the perfect body, but they wanted to feel comfortable wearing a bikini. That’s where the name Bikini Body Guide comes from.

Do you think you could have done this without Instagram?

No, I have so much success because of social media. If I wanted to do this 20 years ago, I never would have been able to reach so many people.


Who motivates you?

My fans motivate me, and my followers on my Instagram account. I didn’t have much when I started so I became my own motivation. I noticed the before and after pictures motivated my clients, so I started to publish them on Instagram.

Is it possible for everyone to get a Bikini Body like yours? 

Being fit doesn’t mean there is a certain look to that. Everyone looks different. Also, we all have different preferences, some like muscular bodies and some don’t. That is why I focus so much on before and after picture, because if you see so much difference after a couple of weeks, you get your own idea on what fit means.

What is your favourite cheat meal?

I love tiramisu! And because I’m Greek, I’m used to eating a lot of food with plenty of spices, and with my guide all of that is possible. I don’t believe in just eating dry rice and chicken with vegetables. I have tried it, but it’s just not my thing!
We absolutely LOVED meeting this lovely Fit Girl and finding out what motivates and inspires her. Check out the full video interview and let us know what you think! 

5 #BEASTMODE chicks who get it done

Just like a lot of people, I use my instagram for fitspiration purposes. With my posts I hope to inspire others and I find myself getting inspired daily by a lot of  fierce ladies too. Most of them really know how to get to #WORK when it comes to going ALL OUT in the gym. Because I like to share, you know I’m that kind of person,  I decided to introduce some of them to you. So get ready and feast your eyes on  5 #BEASTMODE chicks who get it done.

1. @justrobbin

PicMonkey Collage JR

This lady is something else.  It seems like Robbin doesn’t skip a day of working out. I love her drive, her  take on high intensity exercises and because of her detailed videos,  I also learn more about form and circuit training from her. In a fully equipped home gym, she seems to challenge herself all the time. When I’m out of inspiration, I just #FFWD to her account and #GETITDONE. My visits to Robbin’s insta also play a big part in regard to my serious sports gear shopping addiction,  which maybe I need treatment for. But hey, it’s cheaper than a psychiatrist right? 🙂

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Win a spot in the Breaker Bootcamp

You probably already know Breaker Originals; yogurt snacks packed in a handy pouch so you can take them wherever you go. Breaker High Protein comes in the same handy pouch but has another special feature too: it supports muscle growth and recovery after training, sports or exercise. Now there is a new variant of Breaker High Protein that doesn’t contain added sugar, its low-fat, lactose-free and comes in two delicious flavors: coconut and blueberry/banana. It’s an easy and delicious way to reach your daily dose of protein. Right before you start a killer workout, to fight your afternoon dip or when you forgot to eat before an important meeting (oops).

We all know that living a healthy lifestyle comes down to eating the right foods and exercising on a regular basis. That’s why Breaker & The Bootcamp Club are organizing the Breaker Bootcamp. The bootcamp training method builds on three fundamentals of training—cardio, strength, and agility. It’s is a very efficient way of training, because in a short period of time you learn how to push your boundaries and get fit at the same time. You won’t get bored easily!

We can choose one of you Fit Girls to join a special 8 weeks Breaker Bootcamp program for free. Yay!

#FITGIRLCODE will follow the winner closely in her quest to become the fittest version of herself. We will share updates with the whole community on how your doing and join you during one of the training session.

If you feel the adrenaline pumping already, please check if you meet the criteria on the next page –>

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Working out at home with YouTube: Ily’s & Iris’ favorites #2

Hi y’all, WE’RE BAAAAAACK!  Working out at home with YouTube: Ily’s & Iris’ favorites #2. This time we’ll share three of our favorite arm and core video’s and you know how do, we’ll chuck in some nice extras for dem #BOSSES right here on #FITGIRLCODE.

1.  Hermanite Abs Workout with Scott Herman
Scott Herman is your hombre when it comes to pushing you to the limit in your at home workouts. In this workout, he takes you through an abs routine which is challenging and fun at the same time. This routine targets the lower abs and the obliques and consists out of 3 rounds of  4 exercises that you repeat for 60 seconds each. Scott will help you master your yanda sit-ups and reverse crunches and will deffo have you coming back for more.
Duration : 17 minutes +/-

 2. Sydney Leroux’ s 15 minutes NTC Gym Sculpt Workout
We have our own squad of badasses making video’s at #FGC like Aranka and Alicia – Sofia did here and here but Nike also knows how to throw it down with their NTC Workouts. This Gym Sculpt Workout starring soccer player Sydney Leroux is a full body toning workout that targets the abs and the arms that keeps us on our tippy toes all the time. We love to execute this one with heavier weights, anything between 12 and 22 kg using either dumbells or kettlebells but you can just as easy get your workout on starting out with lighter weights.
Duration:  17 +/- minutes


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5 inspirational #THICKFIT girls on Instagram

Just like I like my money right where I can see it, hanging from my closet, or on my shoe shrine represented by some 9 inch platform heels,  I like my bones with a little bit of  meat on it. Ok I lied, I like a whole lot of meat, especially when it is accompanied by muscle. When scrolling through my instagramfeed,  I’ve noticed this preference also applies to the accounts where I get my inspiration from. So I thought I’d share with you 5 inspirational #THICKFIT girls on Instagram.

1. Shaineree (@iamshisha)
This lady right here, hailing from Rotterdam, the Netherlands gives a lot of people a run for their money when it comes to showing how determined she is. I can only respect that and I salute her. Wearing the #THICKFIT crown like a #BOSS  and keeping it real all day every day.

PicMonkey Collage shisha

2. Lita  (@followthelita)
When I say #QUEEN, I mean Lita. I mean her body, her drive, those thighs! Lita has been an inspiration from day one and I just love her positivity. Did I say love her thighs already? 🙂

PicMonkey Collage lita

3. Aisha (@proudtobeaisha)
Please allow me to introduce to you, also from Rotterdam,  Aisha. She just looks absolutely awesome, is so motivated, lifts heavy- ass- weights, has been around for a long while and oozes positive vibes. I like me some Aisha. Follow, follow, follow!

PicMonkey Collage aisha


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7x abdominal exercises & win your own BLACKROLL

I like to keep things simple, however effective. Working out with your own bodyweight and gravity, is something I believe to be smart movement: it’s all you need to stay super fit, in a safe way. However, some intelligent and simple product design to support training can really get my spirits lifted too. Small training tools that I can take along when I travel (and I do this quite a bit!) I especially enjoy to get moving on days I would rather just don’t.

Resistance bands, (self massage) rollers, ankle weights or just some simple water-or sand filled bottles, are enough to add just a tad more challenge and fun to your work out. In the following series of articles ‘simply fit’ we will go through some of my favorite and most effective body-inspired exercises to stay fit, lean and strong, using as little as your own bodyweight and some real simple, cool tools.

In this kick-off, we’ll start with some great and effective abdominal exercises that I do daily to strengthen the core: the very centre of our body that needs to be strong to be able to train all other parts of the body in a balanced manner. The only thing you need is your lovely body and a floor. And gravity. Ok, so far so good – and no money is spent ;-).

Check out these 7 abdominal exercises & win your own BLACKROLL

As you already read in my last article on foam rolling, I like adding a Blackroll to my workouts. Not only to recover faster by ‘rolling it out’ and to shortly warm up, and stimulating my blood circulation, but also to actually use it during my work out to make things more challenging and fun. The following exercises* are inspired by experiences I have collected over the last year, from Pilates and Yoga classes to studying Essentrics . Using the legs as levers, our own body and gravity we’re working on a strong, flat stomach. Simplicity is AWESOME! Check out all the exercises and don’t forget to enter the contest to win your own Blackroll!

* Some of these exercises can (also) be executed with the roller, to make it more fun and challenging.

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New Video: Sexy Back Workout

Aranka and Alicia got busy and created a complete new set of exercises for you to help you strengthen your back. Now grab your BFFF and let’s get busy! Check out our New Video: Sexy Back Workout!

#FITGIRLCODE Presents: The Sexy Back Workout

The Exercises

  1. Alternate Plank Pull: Get into the planking position on your hands, pull one hand up to your shoulder, place back down. Now pull up your other hand to your shoulder and place back down.
  2. T Push Up: Get into plank position and place one hand to the side. Lower down and come back up. Place your hand back, now do the same on the other side.
  3. Shoulder Raise & 1 Leg Lift: Grab your dumbbells, make sure your feet are together. Lift both arms simultaneously up together with one leg. Lower your leg and arms back down. Now do the other leg.
  4. Bend with one arm swing: Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. Step to the side with your left leg and bring your right arm (with dumbbell) to your left foot. Step back and reach up to your right with your dumb bell. Do the same on the other side.

Make sure that you complete the entire video at least twice with a small break in between. For intermediate Fit Girls, we challenge you to repeat the entire workout 3 times. And for our advanced Fit Girls we challenge you to complete this armtastic workout 5 times!

I want #FITGIRLCODE workout video’s

Working out at home with YouTube: Ily’s & Iris’s favorites #1

Hi y’all, welcome to our new series: Working out at home with YouTube: Ily’s & Iris’s  favorites. It is no secret that we are absolutely in love with working out anywhere we can. We work out at the gym but also do some serious damage working out at home by doing YouTube exercise video’s. Keep reading for our favorites. This is edition numero 1 and from now on we’ll share three of our favorite video’s and some handy tips, with you two weekly right here on #FITGIRLCODE. 

First things first
Before you start working out at home, doing,  any video whatsoever make sure you scan them beforehand so you know what you are in for. It can be pretty annoying when you are halfway done and suddenly need dumbbells, a yogamat, a bosu, or a kettlebell when those things arent within hands reach. Scanning also helps to determine if you actually ‘like’ the way a particular video has been set up. For example, we absolutely #hate slow eddited video’s, easy-cookie-cutter ones and the kind where the instructor talks way too much. We like our vids rather up tempo,  and right on the money.

Lets talk #LEGS
Aranka & Alicia Sofia recently were starring in this fab vid that definitely made its way into our playlist. In addition to that (consider that one as a sneaky bonus :-)) we just promised you three of our personal favorites. The video’s in this edition of our favorites all target the legs and will assist you working on your ‘ass-ets’, so #Leggooo.

1. Six Pack Shortcuts: Lower Body Shred Workout with Mike Chang
Hate him or love him but we do love us some Mike Chang. NO we don’t believe in shortcuts when it comes to fitness but we’ve executed this workout a gazillion times and we think it will be beneficial to working out your legs and perhaps have you coming back for more. Mike provides just enough directions in between excersizes and the fact he promises you nice legs and a nice looking behind while looking not bad himself is also very stimulating 🙂
Duration: +/- 15 minutes

2. Cardio Intenso 30 minutos para adelgazar rapido by Patry Jordan
Cardio. We can beat around the bush about it but some cardio never hurt anybody. We believe in moderation and Patry Jordan is
absolutely your girl for that. In this video she is letting you work your legs like its nobody’s business. Patry works with a timer, so you know you will have to do every excersize for the same amount of time. We absolutely love her enthousiasm and with the way she lets us know this is the ultimo repetition and how she counts from ocho to uno, we just want to keep going everytime.
Duration: +/- 30 minutes

3. Brazilian Booty Burn Workout : Burn to the Beat – Keaira LaShae
Did we here someone say superhero? Must be Keaira LaShae. In this workout Keaira makes you work that behind. The live music,  her fellow workout mates and her enthousiasm take you through the excersises in a heartbeat. We love the way she integrates dance moves in her routines and how she just makes the workout feel like a party in our own living room. Be ware: this one can become addictive 🙂
Duration: +/- 15 minutes

Bonus for our #BOSSES
Jeanette Jenkins Bikini Bootcamp
For all our #barbellbosses and #barbellbarbies who want to have a full – body workout in the back of their pocket, which can of course be combined with vids we’ve previously mentioned, this is the one.
Jeanette is a #BEAST, she is dropdead gorgeous, if you ask us, and this vid absolutely proves why Kelly Rowland,  Pink and many others turn to her for Personal Training advise. This workout is an hour long and combines cardio and strenght. If you only want to do the strenght part, feel free to skip the cardio camps and work that body and especially dem legs right!
Duration: +/- 60 minutes

We hope you find the sharing of our favorites handy. We’d love to hear in the comments how you’ve experienced doing the video’s and which musclegroup you’d like our next favorites to target. In the mean time hit us up on @ily_fitgirl / @ iris_fitgirl  or /

Holla back,


Training with the #FITGIRLCODE community

In our last article we challenged the Fit Girls to join us for a special #FITGIRLCODE community training. On the 22nd of March it was time for some action: Six Fit Girls accepted our challenge to release their inner badass and went for it!

Training with the #FITGIRLCODE community

We gathered at the Kralingse Plas: Rotterdam’s magnet for outdoor athletes and our favourite training area in the vicinity of Rotterdam. While we waited for the group to complete, we had a moment to meet each other and share some thoughts. We briefly explained our philosophy and our way of training, which you can also read about. Despite the typically Dutch (fresh) weather, we advised to leave some layers of clothing in the car and start off at a kickass pace right from the beginning. And we were off!




What followed was one badass workout. More than an hour of mud, struggle and rock and roll. While most people were having a casual walk with the dog or having their easy Sunday morning run, we ran and struggled through muddy trails and swampy fields, making a simple movement from A to B, a challenge in itself. And while other people were eating their breakfast and drinking their coffee in their centrally heated living room, we made ourselves warm by flipping over logs as fast as we could, wrestling like the New-Zealand rugby team in a scrum, frog jumping, carrying each other uphill and climbing trees. You definitely nailed it Fit Girls!




Thank you all for your energy in the training and participation in the contest: we had a great Sunday morning! #FITGIRLCODE and NatuurlijkSportief proved to be a great match and we are looking forward to a follow-up training session. Make sure to follow us so you can join a next session. And if you can’t wait for a next #FITGIRLCODE community training session, you are most welcome to join one of our regular trainings!




 All pictures by



Every day when I wake up this is what I see written on my workout calendar. So rain or shine; I get them workouts in regardless. Ofcourse I know it is easier said than done to excell in every workout but with these 4 tips for working out like a #BOSS you’ll get there in no time!

Beginnings are everything and everyone has to start somewhere. Working out however doesn’t start in the gym. It starts at home or at any other place where you prepare for your trip there. Pack your bag the night before so you are ready to go, and take it with you to work, as this will safe you loads of time when you plan on working out right after. And when you pack ALWAYS pack an outfit or accessory that will make you FEEL like a #BOSS the moment you put it on!


Outdo yourself. I’m  going to be absolutely, brutally honest with you: working out is not supposed to be easy. It is supposed to be fun, energizing, at times exhausting, giving you life and driving you nuts. You are allowed to say you hate kettlebells, heavyweights or burpees when you do but at the end easy simply doesn’t fit the bill. To make sure you outdo yourself and get everything out of your workout, you plan ahead. Pick and choose your exercises in advance, come prepared and get to work. Incorporate light weighted exercises, core stability and cardio for STAMINA and combine them with the occasional deadlift, legpress, squat, pull-up or benchpress. When you aim to outdo yourself every workout the variety is  endless.


Sharing is caring and this also applies on going to the gym. Some of us like to work out by ourselves as it allows us to focus and have ‘me-time’ all while sweating our pretty behinds off. But if you are the ‘sweat-together type’ don’t hesitate to ask your best friend, sister, mother or even your boyfriend to JOIN in on your therapy session aka the gym. Working out together or in a small group will also stimulate you to make a bigger EFFORT, to hang in just a little longer and to put in those few extra reps . And after the workout and your well-deserved shower you can share your ACCOMPLISHMENTS with someone else while sipping on some tea.

Success is guaranteed for everyone who keeps their eyes on the prize. While working out you can easily become frustrated. When you do just bare in mind what your long term GOAL is. When you do not manage to lift a certain weight the first time you pick it up, execute a certain exercise, maintain form or perform the scheduled amount of reps; try again the next time.Only PRACTICE makes perfect and every professional was an amateur at some point. And while trying your best to become the posterchild of Alicia Keys’ ‘Superwoman’ and baring a S on your chest as you crusade trough the gym, make sure you find the time to also have FUN and LAUGH!




Photo diary of Roos: March 2015

Hi girls, how are you? Today I’m sharing my photo diary of March 2015 with some of the highlights of my personal Instagram. I always love reading other people’s photo diary, so hopefully you’ll enjoy mine!


This Berry Booster Smoothie Bowl (recipe here) tasted amaaaaazing and was ready in 2 minutes! I made this when I just ate an entire chocolate bar and felt like crap. This super smoothie gave me a brand new start of the day, feeling energized and fit!


Pretty workout clothes make you train harder, don’t you agree? At least that is what I tell myself…Haha! This Jogha outfit is one of my favorites. Seriously these loose shorts are brilliant and I wear them all the time 🙂


Sushi salad is such a life hacking dinner idea! It tastes like sushi, it looks great (guests will love it), but it’s ready in 5 minutes. Perfect for lazy or busy Fit Girls. Anna wrote down the recipe here.


I’m not ashamed of my “old” pictures of myself. They remind me of how much I’ve changed. I’ve lost 12 kilo’s, but the biggest difference I’ve made on the inside, finding peace of mind 🙂


Quick smoothie: yogurt / blueberries / oatmeal / coconut water. Yum!


Yessss! I tried to do some clean and jerks with 40 kilo’s and I succeeded! This picture shows my victory face, haha. Sometimes it’s good to try something out of your comfort zone. If you fail, you know your “limit” and have set a new goal. If you succeed, well, you’re one step closer to being a rockstar 😉


Zoodles! Waaaah I love these zucchini noodles! You can make them using a spiralizer. Adding shrimps and tomatosauce is a classic combination at our place 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this quick photo diary with some of the highlights of my Instagram account 🙂 My Instagram feed is always filled with easy recipes, workout pics and simple meal ideas!




Three Booty-Building Exercises

Because you can never have enough booty! Here are three easy booty-building exercises that you can do at home. All you need is some space, a mat and if you want to, you can add some weights. You can use a kettlebell, dumbbell or ankle weights. Please make sure to do all the exercises at your own pace to keep it safe and always keep in mind: form over speed!

The muscles
If we want to build some booty, we will need to work on our glutes. It’s a group of three muscles that form your buttocks. Your Gluteus Maximus (the largest one of three) is known to be one of the strongest muscles in our body. Weight training exercises can significantly strengthen the gluteal muscles so if you can, we recommend that you add some weight to the upcoming exercises.

The exercises
♥ | Single leg deadlift
Hold a dumbbell or kettle bell in your right hand, next to your thigh with your arm straight. Stand with your feet slightly apart. Lift your leg so it’s just off floor. Lower the dumbbell to the floor while raising the back leg behind. Keep your back straight and the knee of your supporting leg slightly bent. Keep your hip and knee of the lifted leg extended throughout movement. Once the stretch is felt (you will feel the burn in your hamstrings) or if your dumbbells touch the floor, return to original position by raising your torso while lowering lifted leg. Always look in front of you. You probably will look to the floor automatically but it will be harder keeping your balance this way. Do 10 reps. After that you switch the dumbbell to your other hand and repeat. You can also do this exercise with a kettlebell.

♥ | Single leg glute bridge
Lie with your back on the floor and knees bent at 90 degrees. Put your left feet on your right knee. Lift the hips off the floor by pushing through the floor with your heel. The result should be a bridge from the back of your shoulders to your knees. Do 10 reps while your butt does not touch the floor. Lower your hips and switch legs.
IMG_0345 IMG_0349

♥ | Kneeling leg raise
Start on your elbows and knees. Lift your right leg straight up from the hip and then slowly bring back down lowering your toes to just above the ground. Do 10 reps and repeat on the other side.
IMG_0233 IMG_0235

Keep in mind that you can do all these exercises with just your bodyweight but you’re going to get the best results if you lift heavier. Take a kettlebell, dumbbell or ankle weights that will challenge you but always keep it safe.  Of course, you’ve got to work with the level you’re at, so if you can just manage body weight at the moment, there’s nothing wrong with that. Then try a light weight in a few weeks. Just start small, even if it’s just a few pounds, and make it your goal to slowly increase the weight.

Please keep us updated about your bootyprogress! We love to know all about our Fit Girls journeys. If you guys have any questions about these exercises, please don’t hesitate to contact me on my Instagram ♥

Kettlebell circuit part 1

Hi Fit Girls! At #FITGIRLCODE we get a lot of requests for more exercises and exercise routines. So this week I made a short kettlebell routine for you. I’ve got three great exercises you can do at home or at the gym with a kettebell. There are two leg/booty exercises and one ab exercise. I promise you these exercises are easy to start with but afterwards you will really feel your muscles!

A couple of weeks ago I bought a kettlebell. A kettlebell is a really nice tool for home workouts. After I bought the kettle bell I started looking online for exercises and found some really great exercises for abs, arms, legs and booty. We’ll start with two leg/booty exercises and one ab exercise. Let’s go!

Kettlebell squat

1. Stand straight and hold the kettlebell with both hands in an overhand grip, in front of your chest. Stand tall with feet about shoulder-width apart and your toes pointed slightly outwards.
2. Lower down into a squat position until the crease of your hip drops below the knee and thighs are parallel with the floor. Lower your body as far as you can by bending your knees. But don’t push it too far! Keep the kettlebell stable and in front of your chest throughout the movement.
3. Push your hips and knees upward to return to the starting position. This is one rep.

– Avoid rounding the back and shoulders. Instead, stand tall and keep your chest lifted. Looking at one point can help you with that!
– Do not let the knees cave inward.
– Make sure your feet stay on the ground, don’t let your toes or heels lose contact with the ground.
squat side 1squat side 2


Ketllebel lunge

1. Hold the kettlebell close to your chest and stand up straight.
2. Take a big step forward but watch your balance.
3. Lower down, keep your back straight and tighten you abdominal muscles. Don’t let your front knee pass beyond your toes.
4. Come back up and repeat with other leg. This is one rep.

– Make sure to let your weight lean mostly on your behind leg, this is the leg you’re training.

lunge 1lunge 2

Russian twist

For this exerice you get to sit down, but that doesn’t mean you get to kick back and relax ;-).

1. Start sitting with your feet flat on the floor, raise your legs up so your shins are parallel to the ground.
2. Hold the kettlebell close to your chest and lean back to a 45-degree angle.
3. Twist at the waist left and right – not the hips! – using core control to slowly move the kettlebell side to side.
4. Twisting your waist left and right is one rep.

– Make sure to turn your head in the same direction as the kettlebell. Looking straight forward can put tension on your neck muscles in the wrong way.

russian twist 1russian twist 2russian twist 3

One tip before you get started, it’s all about quality! Try to really execute the exercices as I described. It’s better to do 5 qualitative good reps instead of 10 fast but uncontrolled reps.

I hope these moves will give you some home work out inspiration.  You can also do these exercices at your gym.
If you do this circuit please take a picture tag me with @lisanne_fgc and follow me for more inspiration. In a of couple weeks I will post a kettlebell arm circuit.




Yola’s Back to Basics: Toes to Bar

Toes to bar. Toes2bar. T2B. King of legraises. Some of you might know this exercise from crossfit but in fact it’s an allround gymnastics exercise. It gives strength, flexibility and power at the same time. It might look difficult but believe me when I tell you that practice makes perfect. Anyone that has a bar around can try this exercise. Make those abs burnnnn!

This move is really dynamic. Strenght, endurance and flexibility are all wrapped up in one exercise. It asks quite some coordination from your muscles, especially your core, arms and shoulders. The main muscle worked is your rectus abdominis (also known as ‘the six-pack muscle”). Also the hip flexors are being worked when swinging those legs up. And last but not least, your chest, back and shoulders are engaged because… well, you’re hanging with full body weight above the ground so gravity will do its job!

How to
Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width, wrapping your thumbs for a secure grip because when you kick your feet up you don’t want to hit your hands.

Squeeze both your butt and abs, creating a “hollow-body” position (like a C) where your feet are slightly in front of your torso. With these muscles flexed your body’s ready to swing.

Kipping is about taking your body from the hollow position to an arc or superman position. Open your shoulders, squeeze your butt, then drive with your hips.

Going up
To transition from backswing to upswing, simply drive your knees toward your elbows, then extend your legs, kicking your feet toward the bar as they rise.

Coming back down
As soon as your toes touched the bar, pull back into an arc and squeeze your butt to load your hips for the next rep.


✓ Use some chalk or grip-gloves when doing toes to bar for a better and safer grip

✓ Find a rhythm that works for you

✓ Keep in control of the movement, also on the way down. Don’t let those legs crash down when you touched the bar

Absolute don’ts
✗ If you feel strain upon your shoulders/back rest for a few seconds and let go of the bar. Your full bodyweight is hanging on it and we don’t want you to dislocate your shoulder

✗ You don’t have to be like the crossfit athletes touching the bar 18386 times a minute. We’re not at a throwdown, just take it easy! Start with one, come back down, rest a few seconds and do another one. If you manage to do this and you feel like not needing to rest in between then try making sets with 5 or 10 toes to bar. And always remember: form over speed!

✗ Don’t do toes to bar on a bar that has no decent grip or is too big for your grip. You hands will become sweaty and you will slide off for sure. Not good..that exercise is called face-to-floor and you can only do it once

Knees to elbow
When you can’t bring your toes all the way up yet, start with knees to elbow. It’s the same movement except that you don’t stretch out your legs. Like it says: touch your elbows with your knees or bring them as close as possible

Toes to ring
If you happen to be around rings, use them! You can do toes to bar perfectly with rings. Just hold the rings tight and make a swing while kipping your legs up so your toes touch the rings. I find this one easier than toes to bar because the rings give you a ‘natural swing’ so you can just go with the flow.

Toes to bar pushup
When you want to add some training elements to you toes to bar you can do them with a pushup in between. As soon as you did a toes to bar and you land back on the ground: go down, kick your feet back and do a push up. When you come back up from the push up immediately jump back to the bar to do a toes to bar. You can do this as a count up. 1 toestobar – 1 push up | 2 toestobar – 2 push ups | 3 toes to bar – 3 push ups etc.

I can’t help myself. I just LOVE this exercise. And I’m sure you guys will too! Go find a bar and try them. That can be at a crossfitbox but also at a playground, at a school or any other decent bar that’s high enough and has a firm grip will do. Let’s swing it!

Fit & Fun with Epic Battle Ropes

Attention Fit Girls! Today’s topic is all about having fun while getting fit and losing fat with: battle ropes, baby! These super-sized epic ropes are heavy enough to add resistance for you to have a killer workout. Check out 4 instructions for you to kick ass on shoulders, arms, abs and secondary: the legs.

In just 15 minutes you can realize a powerful battle rope workout which simultaneously trains several muscle groups as well as your condition. While you burn around 10 calories per minute, it will make you sweat and lose fat eventually. I’m totally roped into this workout and want to share 2 wave-moves with you to help you get stronger. Are you excited too? Here we go!

Article 3 FGC

Starting position: Stand in front of the ropes, grab with each hand an end and keep your arms extended at your side. Keep your legs a bit blended and not stretched, this will help you move and resist to the waves.

Initiate the wave movement by rapidly raising your arms to shoulder level as fast as you can.

Exercise 1: raise both arms at the same time at the same level.
Exercise 2: raise your arms the opposite side to shoulder level and back.

  • You finished your movement when you brought your arms back to starting position.
  • Keep whipping the ropes up and down as quickly as you can while you tighten your core and legs.

I prefer to do 4 sets of 3 minutes continuously waving the battle ropes.

Never forget to make gym time fun time, ladies!

Live happily ever active,

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Why you should’ve started foam rolling yesterday

ROCK, STRETCH ‘n’ ROLL! That’s what I live by when it comes to staying fit. It stands for working out – building up strength and stamina, stretching (dynamically) to lengthen my muscles and staying flexible, and… ROLL? Yep, I roll. Allow me to introduce you to some awesome tools and techniques that I use to massage my body to stay fit, mobile and (muscle) pain-free!

Rockin’ & ROLLING
In my first article I already mentioned that I spend part of my time working for BLACKROLL. This Swiss/German brand is market leader in the German speaking part of Europe in the reach of production and sales of self-massage -and simple but incredibly effective fitness tools.
Whether you are into sports or not, in BLACKROLL’s view, everyone should be able to stay mobile, pain-free and therefore happy and healthy. This fits my personal view just perfectly. That’s why I’m happy to explain a little more about this cool technique, dubbed “SMR” (self-myofascial release), and the what’s and why’s surrounding the topic of foam rolling.

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16 things that happen when you get fit

Working out on a regular base has so many great benefits. We know this for a fact and this is probably why most of us Fit Girls started this journey, to unlock their personal code for a healthy lifestyle. I’m living and breathing my healthy life style, because I love the feeling of getting fitter and stronger.  I just never realized that the following things also happen when you get fit. Sounds familiar Fit Girls? 🙂


Like you can do your groceries all together and walk up the stairs to your front door without losing the strength in your arms. Which means it saves you time, but there is also the risk of buying more stuff, because you know, you are like Popeye now and you can lift up anything.

Back in the days, you would have hold on to the banisters for your dear life, while catching your breath climbing these stairs. But now you have a new level of energy and strength that has no limits. Which results in, you taking the stairs for FUN. KOEK, KOEK, but you can’t help yourself and it’s quicker than the elevator. So it becomes a challenge to every time you see stairs, run up and confirm you are still fit 😉

Sounds like a women’s dream. NOT, if you’re not rich and can’t buy yourself a new wardrobe, like every month, you can only choose between; re-introducing the baggy trend again or wearing your work-out gear since that’s the only thing left in your closet that fits and looks fierce on you 😉

Metabolism ROCKS! You can literally eat all day long and still feel you can have an all-you-can-eat-sushi-diner! So nowadays you almost need to take a whole shopping trolley full of food with you otherwise you end up eating everyone’s sandwiches or fainting, preferably in the arms of prince charming 😉 

5. YOU CRAVE FOR HEALTHY FOOD (and chocolate )
Somewhere along your fit journey, your mind gets reset and you only want to feed your body healthy food. OR you just know how many burpees you need when you do snack. And burpees SUCK, so you rather stick to healthy food. OR NOT and you have another strategy. Like if you eat something terrible, it won’t matter because you are hitting the gym anyway to burn those extra calories 😉

Living a healthy lifestyle comes with new recipes and lots of new ingredients you have never heard of in a million years, let alone know what they look like. So GOOGLE image is you new favorite weblink, otherwise you don’t know what you are buying in the groceries store.

Like people ask you for tips and tricks, and you are like… uhhmmm, I don’t know, I just go to the gym, and eat healthy and stuff. You don’t realize yet you are actually doing a amazing job! YEAH! HIGH FIVE! Spread the word! Fit Girls need to run the world!

One of the benefits of working out on a regular base, is that it helps you sleep better! It’s not like we don’t get tired of all those burpees, boxjumps and kettlebell swings, but working out also changes you mental state. This often results in you becoming a morning person officially… WHY?! TELL ME WHY?! The fact that we love our bed doesn’t need to change when we get fit…

Well this is a great development! Every since you focus on what your body really needs, besides chocolate and sushi, you listen to the signs of your body. Like when it needs nutrition and rest after a heavy work-out. Also, your mind is thankful for the time off while you are busting you ass off in the gym. It finally can have a moment for itself.

YEAH, it’s addictive! Endorphins make you super-duper HAPPY and your confidence is sexy as hell! You also turn into this Duracell bunny, that can’t stand still anymore, which drives people around you crazy. GIVE ME MORE OF THIS DRUG!

YEP! Enough said!

Like when people you normally train with post a pic of their workout on social media and you’re like: damn it, why wasn’t I there!? I would totally have rocked that work out. But you can’t hit the gym every day of the week…can you?13. YOUR FAVOURITE NEW ACTIVITY (besides working out) IS FONDLING YOUR OWN MUSCLES
Jep, this is actually happening. You start taking pictures of your muscles and fondling them every time you had a work-out. Like they grow overnight.. haha!

You always found yourself going through dirty work-out gear and need an extra washing machine to wash that pile of laundry away. There’s only one solution: BUY MORE WORK-OUT GEAR!

Damn it! This is actually a disappointment 🙁 ! You really need to work your ass off to see any result in the six-pack area. And you also need to have the right body type, since not every Fit Girl is blessed with these magical muscles on the outside. I guess there is only one solution to that:

This is mind-blowing! You probably dragged you butt to the gym every time you convinced yourself to work out instead of being a couch potato. But know you are unstoppable and became a Fit Girl!


Sexy sculpted arms with the Barbell Curl

Hello you pretty Fit Girls! Do you want strong and sexy arms instead of looking like Popey the sailor man? This article is all about sexy sculpted arms and today I’m highlighting the biceps. Check out my barbell curl exercise guide.

These barbell curls are definitely a GO if you want fit arms. Integrate the guidelines below into your routine and you’ll get more defined and toned biceps.

Every girl can do this exercise as long as you maintain the right body position. Follow these 4 steps and try to find the right weight for yourself. Try to lift more weight every 2 weeks to become stronger and fitter.

  1. Your starting position should be as followed: stand up and hold the barbell at a shoulder-width grip with your torso upright. Keep your elbows close to the torso and the palm of your hands should be facing forward.
    2. Hold the upper arms stationary (keep them in the same position) and start to curl the weights forward while contracting the biceps. You should only move your forearms and breathe out during this movement.
    3. Continue this movement until the barbell is at shoulder level. Try to hold the contracted position for just 1 second and squeeze the biceps hard.
    4. Slowly bring back the barbell from shoulder level to starting position (step 1). Breathe in during this step.

Repeat this for a, for you, suitable amount of repetitions and do 4 sets. I prefer to do 4 sets of 12 reps.

Artikel 2 - 25_01_2015 (tussen de tekst)

By changing the grip width you can train other muscles. There are several methods, but let’s discuss the 3 main grip options.

1. Regular grip: In this position you hold the barbell curl on a shoulder-width grip, just like described in the “CURL IT” section of this article.
2. Wide grip: In this position you hold the barbell with as wide of a comfortable underhand grip by taking the widest ridges of the bar. This way you put the focus on the inner portion of your biceps.
3. Close grip: When you grasp the most inner ridges of the bar your arms make a narrow grip and this way you emphasize the outer muscles of your biceps.

You’re ready to go, girls! Just give it a try and once you see and feel the results you are gonna love it. Keep me posted on your progress and I’ll see you in two weeks, same time – same place!

Live happily ever active,



So how are you holding up with your NY’s resolutions? Still going strong? Hope so. If you are a new-year-new-you kinda person, I might have some great tips regarding your health and those resolutions. If you’re not, these tips will still help you reach your goals. I promise. Because without at least some knowledge about nutrition, training, motivation, and supplementation, your New Year’s resolutions for better health in 2015 may never happen. And the year is still so young.

Make that compound count
When you begin training, keep this in mind: 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of the causes. In other words, out of your entire exercise program, only 20 percent of the movements will produce results. Unless you’re in a very early stage of your fit journey, the other 80 percent won’t help much. Bummer.

To make the most out of your 20 percent, use compound movements. Exercise movements that require two or more muscle groups to perform at the same time (think squats, deadlifts, benchpress) are better than isolation movements (machines), which only require one muscle group. Because compound movements will give better hormonal response to building muscle than isolation movements will, you’ll always get better results with an exercise program that centers around compound movements. Ask your gym to help you with a program.

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The world of ab creation

Dear diary, I want ABS. Now. Before we dive into the world of ab-creation and I show you around the ab-laboratory, there’s a few things you need to know. Actually, you should already know these things if you’ve read my previous articles. In case you haven’t; here’s a short summary:

First things first: forget everything you think you know about ab training

Abs are probably the most wanted “thing” people want all around the world. Well, the western world that is, since we don’t care that much about actual important stuff most of the time, but alas.

The image above shows you the anatomy of the abdominal muscles. Contrary to popular belief: your abs are actually made out of one muscle, the rectus abdominis muscle. That muscle is crossed by three fibrous bands called the tendinous inscriptions. These bands are why you abs show up as a “six pack” or an “eight pack” in some people. They also determine the shape of your abs.Have a six pack but you really want an eight pack? Forget about it.
Don’t like your odd looking left middle ab? Try finding new genes, cause there’s nothing you can do about it.

The fact you’re talking about one muscle, means you can’t train just the lower or upper abs either. It’s simply one muscle that functions as a whole, no matter where you ‘feel the burn’. You don’t see people train the upper or lower part of their bicep either, the body doesn’t work that way.

No one has gigantic abs

Take big male bodybuilders as an example, Ronnie Coleman in this case. His arms, chest, shoulders, back and legs are probably ten times the size of when he first started, but his abs aren’t. You never see people with gigantic abs popping out there shirt. When people develop muscles, they never complain about clothes being too tight around their waist because of their huge abs. Why? Because your abdominal muscles don’t have much growth potential. The same applies to most people’s forearms. They stay relatively small in most cases.
Lower growth potential means you don’t need to do as much to fulfill that potential.

If you work at a company where you can end up being a CEO and earn $15.000 a month, it’s going to take you more time and work than when you work at McDonald’s and can’t get to much more than franchise manager. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. McDonald’s is awesome.

So now what? Is ab training useful at all? It’s all about crunches, right!?

Unfortunately not. Crunches are probably one of the worst and useless exercises you can do. When people do exercises like squats or deadlifts, they know they shouldn’t round their lower back all the time. Yet, ten minutes later, they’ll do a million sit-ups, which constantly bends the spine. Not to mention the crunch + twist variety where you round + twist the spine. Trust me, your spine is going to thank you in 50 years when you can still walk properly.

The only accurate thing about Tell Sell infomercials were videos of people grabbing their lower backs after regular ab exercises. They’re not good for you. Period.

Useful ab exercises
The low growth potential your abs have are pretty much fulfilled (and more) by doing heavy squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, pull ups and other exercises that’ll do so much more for you. However, if you really want to train your abs because you somehow love it, there are a few alternatives, mostly referred to as ‘core training’.

While not all exercises might look or feel like direct ab exercises, they sure as hell work the muscles. Combine proper core training with good nutrition and you’ll definitely succeed in finding all that lost treasure we refer to as abs.

If you’re Dutch I can always help you out with personal training or online coaching.