30 Day Full Body Challenge

We hope you all enjoyed the Holidays to the fullest and indulged yourself with jummy food and awesome parties. A brand new year started, it’s time to work that amazing body of yours again. You know what they say: summer bodies are made in winter!

Especially for you Fit Girls, we created a killer full body workout. We all know getting back into the game after the holidays can be a bit tough, but we hope our challenge motivates you to kick some ass in 2015. We decided to start the 2nd  and not the 1st so you could chill the day after NYE. You’re welcome 😉

30 Day Full Body Challenge

To show you how it’s done we’ve made a video especially for you! We hope you like and don’t forget, if you have any questions whatsoever, leave them in the comments below!

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This challenge is meant to help you strengthen and tone your entire body. Getting muscle definition depends per person so unfortunately we can’t guarantee abs like Fit Girl Chris or a Booty like Beyoncé at the end of this challenge. But it’s definitely a great way to start! Also remember: food is as important as the workouts. Stay away from crappy food as much as you can and stick to one cheat day a week. Be sure to have a look at all our recipes! Eating healthy doesn’t mean boring or less tasty 🙂

Remember, this is YOUR challenge so try doing what you can do. Do not overdo it. You can challenge yourself, but try to do it wisely. It’s always better to get to your goal, even if it takes you longer than a month. The most important thing is that you get to your goal!

So what do you think? Are you with us? Let us know and don’t forget to tag #FITGIRLCHALLENGE on Instagram and Facebook, we always love to see pictures of you guys.

Good luck Fit Girls!

This is why I love working out at home

Ya’ll might know that I recently launched my own luxury sports brand Jogha. Although it’s a dream come true, it can also be pretty damn stressful from time to time. Unfortunately when I am really busy and/or stressed out, Fit Girl duties like working out and eating healthy kinda dissappear into the background. This is the reason why I love working out at home. You only have to roll out your yoga mat, put on your workout clothes and you are ready to go. Whenever Mr Coopercat feels like it he joins me. Which is well, uh occasionally… His schedule is always crammed! 😉

Yesterday I did this awesome HIIT workout from the Willeke Zorg Workout Club. You have several levels, but I decided to do the toughest one. Hey, I’m still a Fit Girl you know! 😉 The workout takes only 12 minutes, but don’t let this fool you. I have to be frank with you, this was pretty hardcore.

The workout I did consisted of 4 exercises which each took 50 seconds. In between the exercises you have 10 seconds rest. This is one circuit and you have to repeat the whole circuit three times within 12 minutes.

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1. Elbow Knee Tuck Pushup

Start this exercise in a plank position. Keep you back straight and your hands under your shoulders. Tighten your abdominal muscles and let yourself sink and push yourself up again. Move your knee towards your opposite elbow and repeat the push up.


2. Bear Crawl

Place your hands and feet on the ground. Make sure your hips and shoulders are in one line and your buttocks is facing down. Make small steps forward while you keep your body in one line.


3. Burpee Exploded Jack

Place your both hands on the ground, jump back with both feet and jump back again. Then jump straight up with both your hands and feet spread in the air.


4. Low Jack

Start this exercise with your legs spread and close them with a jump. Keep your legs constantly bent, your back straight and your arms behind your head.



If you become a member of the Willeke Zorg Workout Club you can follow a new kickass workout every day. Especially for all you Fit Girls we arranged one month free Premium Membership so you can try out these workouts yourself. Did you get the hang of it after the first month? Great!

  • You can continue training two more months for only 7,95 EUR instead of 15,90 EUR.* That’s pretty awesome right?
  • After the first three months your membership will turn into a Premium Membership of 7,95 EUR per month.

* If you don’t want to continue your membership after the first month, you can unsubscribe instantly. You’ll receive an e-mail with the offer to continue training for a special price for two more months. If you don’t respond to this e-mail your membership will end automatically.


Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review by Emma

My name is Emma and I am a 28 years old British female who lives in Australia. I’m a high school teacher, lover of fitness and a healthy lifestyle and a non- drinker. My dream is to continue travelling and live a healthy, happy and honest life. Before I started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide I already was a keen runner. I also tried yoga, pilates, Xtend Barre classes, swimming, bike riding and boxing. I’ve completed the first and second Bikini Body Guide from Kayla and I’m going to share my personal and honest opinion with you. 

If you’re up for a challenge yourself, we have great news for you: if you download a Bikini Body Guide now, you get 10 % off. You just have to enter our special code: BBTGFGC10 

(Valid until 02.28.2015)

Bikini Body Guide 1


  • Variety of moves
  • Easy as I was already quite fit
  • Slimmer hips and stomach at the end
  • It works


  • The layout of the glossary at the back is not in alphabetical order
  • The weekly layout is not as clear as the second guide, with the first guide you have to keep flicking back and forth whereas the second guide lays it out a lot better
  • Not stating the weights next to the moves and only at the back so unless you read the glossary you are unsure of the weights to use


Why I started
I started the Bikini Body Guide July 2014 as I had a running injury and could not run over 2k without struggling. This frustrated me so I wanted to see what else I could do. I had recently joined Instagram and was following a few fitness pages and copying there moves but needed solid routines. I found Kayla and really liked the way she looked so I thought I would try the guide.


The guide
Once I got the guide I read the instructions and knew what I had to do in terms of the rounds and timing myself. The first guide is a mix of resistance training, on Monday you do legs, Wednesday you focus on arms and Friday you focus on abs. You also have to do LISS which is low intensity walking and stretching. Later in the guide you have to sprint which is HIIT high intensity interval training. I liked the variation with everything. For me exercising that regularly was not a problem but I know for others it might be.

Tip to new girls
My first tip to all girls is: read the instructions. I see so many people on Instagram asking Kayla things that the guide explains and it frustrates me to see that. How can you take on a journey that requires patience if you are not patient enough to read what is required? I would advise people to read the glossary at the back as it tells you the weights to use even though I listed the glossary as a negative one. I knew how to do most moves so I didn’t read the glossary which states the weights you should use. I was using lighter weights than I should have. This gave me strength and helped me but I regretted this. I will explain about this later.

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#FITGIRLCODE 30 Day Booty Challenge – the update

What’s up Fit Girls! We’re halfway through the challenge and to keep you all motivated to keep going, we decided to make another video and join you for today’s work out! So let’s do it together! 

#FITGIRLCODE 30 Day Booty Challenge – the update

So we got into our Jogha gear, strapped on our sneakers and started working that booty! Doing the challenge for two weeks was awesome and we’re ready to keep going the next two weeks. Are you with us, Fit Girls? Let’s go!

This is your challenge!
Didn’t join us yet? Don’t worry because you can join in any day you want. That’s the awesome thing about our challenges, you can start whenever you want! We’re here to motivate and support you, so use #fitgirlchallenge when posting on social media so we can check out your progress!


Schedule-6600x4000_BottyChallenge aa



But wait, there’s more awesome news…


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Girls want abs

Hello girls I hope you all are doing the #FITGIRLCODE Booty Challenge, but let’s not forget the wonderful world of abs! Don’t you just love your rectus abs and your transverse abs?

Girls want abs

Maintaining my obliques and controlling them is an every day job. In order for me to stay bikini proof for my Prince Charming (I think he isn’t born yet) or for me to keep eating pizza and fries twice a week I need my everyday abs routine to be simple and effective. Model Workout has what it takes to keep me going and together we kick the sh*t out of my abdominals and obliques

In putting together the ultimate ab routine we wanted to make sure we hit all the visible muscle groups, but by the same token, don’t want to create such a long, arduous routine that you’ll never want to do. (Or just watch the workout while eating popcorn). So, a combination of thoroughness and efficiency is key, and the best way to achieve that is by figuring a way of hitting the most areas of the abdominal region using the fewest exercises. Cause you sure don’t want to spend an hour just training your abs!


Train along with Marie in this video and do this workout with her in three rounds with 30 seconds workout time per exercises.Put your interval timer on 40 seconds workout time with 10 seconds break; try this for 3 rounds. Keep adding up while becoming a pro!

For more videos check out Modelworkout.com! That way you can train along with me and my cardio workouts as well!




Health log: how to prevent overtraining?

A few blogs before I told you about the health log: a diary about your own progress in health! It’s a perfect tool to keep an eye on your progress, because sometimes it’s hard to see your progress when you’re working on getting more fit. A health log could show you more clearly that you’re certainly going the right way! In my food log of a few weeks ago you could read what I eat and how I evaluate my eating habits. Today it’s time to evaluate my training log!

Health log: how to prevent overtraining?


About a month ago I was suffering from an overtraining injury. Main reason: not taking enough rest. Yes, that’s why all of you should take your rest days every now & then! But what is overtraining exactly? Fit Girl Suzanne already wrote a blog about supercompensation a little while ago. In short, supercompensation means that you get stronger by planning your workouts on exactly the right moment. This moment is when you’re fully recovered from your last workout for that muscle group. When you use it right, you get stronger every single workout. But when you don’t take enough rest in between your workouts, the opposite will happen: you get weaker every time! This is overtraining.

So I was overtrained, not even a little: Some muscles in my leg were so hypertonic that I couldn’t even bend my knee anymore! I was so stubborn, ignoring all the signals from my body…not the way to go! After some confronting conversations with my coaches and manual therapist, I decided to give in and take my rest to recover. This recovery process took over 2 weeks! But after that I certainly felt so much better.

To prevent overtraining again, I’m using a new way to log my training progress and this is what I want to share with you! Because this way it’s easier to see if you’re going the right way. First I will share my schedule, after that I will explain what you see.

traininglog fitgirlcode

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Learn to Do a Chin-Up in 6 Weeks: Training Plan

Ahhhhh, the dreaded Chin Up. When I hear the word chin up, I instantly have nightmares of my 5th grade gym assessment. It was then that I discovered that the chin up and I were NOT going to have a great relationship. I struggled as I attempted to lift up even an inch off the ground. I failed the chin up portion of the assessment and after that… through all of middle school, high school, AND college, I never seemed to conquer that damn bar! UNTIL NOW! 

24well_pullup-tmagArticle Thanks to the fabulous chicks over at Women’s Health, they developed a 6 week training plan to help us ladies with the chin-up. When I first saw this plan, I was excited because it seemed like the perfect way to crush my chin-up complex. The training plan is broken down in 2 sections: 1-3 weeks and 4-6 weeks. Here are the directions for 1-3 weeks:

We will be doing this section 3 times a week, in the START of our normal workouts. We want to do this in the start of the workout because we will feel out strongest.

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You Don’t Need a Stage to Compete

“Oh my God, you are really strong and look great. Do you compete?” If you are a Fit Girl in today’s gym and are seen with any significant amount of muscle tone and strength you’ve been asked this question…how do I know? Because I get asked this question at least once a month while lifting weights in the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I take it as a bit of a compliment because it means I’m viewed as a person of strict dedication and a drive to push my body to look its absolute best, but please understand it does not take you being a body building competitor for this to happen.

You Don’t Need a Stage to Compete

If you are fit and a part of social media at all, you have more than likely hashtagged one of your selfies in the gym or flexing in the mirror with #fitfam. Trust me I do at least 10 times minimum a week with photos and way more with tweets. #FITFAM is a community of fit minded people around the entire world who are all dedicated to living the healthiest and most fit life that works for THEM. I emphasize the “them” because everyone is on a different step in their journey to fitness and each person’s individual path is just as commendable as the next person’s. The beauty of social media is it allows us to connect with people all around the world in the same way I was able to connect with #FITGIRLCODE to become an ambassador. It also allows us to support one another in our goal to become stronger than we were yesterday. However, the allure of #FITFAM can be a double edged sword and it happens before you even realize it. One of the new trends in fitness is the belief that you should compete if you have a great physique, especially for a woman, but personally, I do not believe that you have to feel compelled to compete just because it is the “in” thing. It is possible to be a fan of the sport of bodybuilding, a fit person yourself and separate the two so you are not subconsciously telling yourself that you have to do one because you are the other.

Taking the blinders off
We all start out with the decision that I am going to be fit for myself so I can live a healthier life, be more active and take care of myself better. Notice how that statement was filled with ownership of taking control of YOUR life and focusing on YOUR body and YOUR progress. Well even I have fallen victim to staring at others on social media who are farther along in their fitness journey than myself or perhaps training for different goals like earning their NPC pro card and wondering, why don’t I look like that? I train hard, I eat healthy and I am dedicated as well. Taking our blinders off to look to the right of us during our path to fit is the perfect way to get derailed and discouraged. More than half of the 756 accounts I follow on Instagram are people who are training to compete in their first ever bodybuilding competition or are already seasoned competitors. No, I do not do this to torture myself to view people with bodies of Greek gods and goddesses but to show them support for their personal dedication to their journey and to remind me we are all competing for something. The key is to know no matter what it is always against yourself.

Man in the mirror
Michael Jackson sung about the “Man in the Mirror” and asking him to change his ways. We as Fit Girls have to remember to look in the mirror at ourselves each morning and focus on our own individual ways. Each day your only concern should be becoming stronger than you were yesterday in some way, whether it is the will power to choose fruit over chips as a snack or squatting 155 pounds today than the 145 pounds you were only able to lift your last workout. Each day I remind myself that I am competing against TJ and each little bit of progress is a win in my daily competition. Then I usually take a selfie flexing because that is just what Fit Girls do! Always remember, the woman in front of the mirror is more than enough competition each day and if you can push through the pain and discomfort that comes with change and growth, you will see a better you each time!

Do’s and Don’ts in the gym

Maybe you heard of a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to the gymlife. Re-rack your weights, use a towel, use deodorant and don’t be a douche. Because my gym is like my second home and I practically sleep there I’ve come up with a few do’s and don’ts of my own. Let me share them with you.

O, and please don’t be offended by what I say. I don’t mean to be rude. I’m four weeks out from my competition and low on carbs.

Be a creeper
DON’T. O god, please don’t. And this goes out to both men and women. Don’t stare, don’t point, don’t be a creeper. If you are curious about my training, my diet, my muscles (no you can’t touch ‘m) or my goals feel free to come up to me and just ask. I might not always look approachable with my headphones on, but I won’t bite. I promise.

Do cardio
DON’T. Just kidding. Enjoy (how?) your cardio while you at it. But please don’t be a cardio bunny. Pick up a few weights every now and then and make it a hardcore workout. Cardio won’t get you that nicely firmed butt, weightlifting will (yes, she squats). And no, you will not – I repeat not – become the next best female hulk and grow a beard and or become a man for that matter.

Wear make-up
DO. Or don’t. Of course you can wear make-up to the gym. But remember it’s not a Saturday night and the only drinks that are served are protein shakes. I actually wear make up to the gym, but hey, I always wear make-up because it looks like I’m sick when I don’t. My point is: keep it classy ladies. This also goes out to your gym outfit and the amount of perfume you are wearing.

2014-11-05 20.41.04Make selfies
DO. O yes, please make a lot of selfies. In the locker room with that great lightening where it looks like you have at least two abs or when you just finished your workout and you have that o-yeah-I-killed-my-workout kinda attitude. But please leave your phone in your locker while working out. I get really annoyed with people who are on their phone during their training while keeping all of the benches occupied and yes, I will definitely ask you to move.


Make noise
DON’T. And by noise I mean screaming and moaning out loud (very loud) while you are pushing your limits. We know it’s tough and yes you are strong and all, but with the amount of noise you are making you are not helping yourself. And I can’t focus. Control your breathing. I’m sure it will help the both of us.

Give advice
DON’T. Or at least, no unasked advice. Because I’m sure you know a lot about training but look at me. Does it look like I’m in trouble and not know what I’m doing? I figured. When I need your help, I’ll ask.



I’ve hit a plateau – now what?!

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, there are always going to be hurdles you need to overcome and walls you need to climb on your way to becoming a fitness goddess. No one can reach an infinite level of awesomeness, except for Ryan Gosling, but you’re not Ryan Gosling. So what are plateaus and what do you do when you run into one? You define your own plateaus, so there’s no general answer.

I’ve hit a plateau – now what?!

Ofcourse there’s a general definition for the word, the dictionary defines ‘plateau’ as:

a period or state of little or no growth or decline

So whenever you feel you are not progressing anymore, you call it a plateau. The problem is it really depends on your patience, mostly. Some people scream out “plateau!” if they haven’t lost any weight for 24 hours, while others realize fat loss, strength or muscle gain are all long-term goals. It’s completely understandable you want to see constant progress, but here’s the truth: that’s just not going to happen. Ever.

The worst part? The more experienced of an athlete or fitness enthusiast you become, the longer it’s going to take for you to progress even a little bit. For instance, beginners who go to the gym can gain muscle a lot faster than an experienced lifter who’s been doing it for years and is close to his natural potential. The latter person is going to have to fight for every ounce of muscle mass, while the first can look at a dumbbell and gain a few pounds. Is it fair? Not really. But it’s the reality of things.

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Everyone wants to have them and it’s the one thing that is so hard to get! ABS! We received so many questions from you guys about Chris’ abs, so we decided to make this challenge to help you get stronger abs! So put on your favorite work out gear on and tie up those sneakers and let’s start the 30 day ab challenge! 

Check out our video!

To show you how it’s done we’ve made a video especially for you! We hope you like and don’t forget, if you have any questions whatsoever, leave them in the comments below!




Sixpack please

This challenge is meant to help you strengthen your abs and make them more visible. Getting muscle definition depends per person so unfortunately we can’t guarantee a six-pack at the end of this challenge. AND REMEMBER: abs are made in the kitchen! So you can crunch till you’re sore but if you don’t eat healthy too, you won’t get any results. So be sure to have a look at all our recipes!

Remember, this is YOUR challenge so try doing what you can do. Do not overdo it. You can challenge yourself, but try to do it wisely. It’s always better to get to your goal, even if it takes you longer than a month. The most important thing is that you get to your goal!

So what do you think? Are you with us? Let us know and don’t forget to tag #FITGIRLCHALLENGE on Instagram and Facebook, we always love to see pictures of you guys.

Good luck Fit Girls!

Back to basics: Planking

Usually a minute goes by really fast. Unless you’re planking! Anyone who has tried to plank knows that the struggle is real. Although this exercise seems quite easy it isn’t that simple.
 Let’s focus on some important aspects of the plank, the do’s and the don’ts.

Back to basics: Planking

The plank is known as a compound exercise.
This means you use a lot of muscles at the same time. Even though you don’t do any movements in this exercise it still contracts different kind of muscle groups. Starting with your abs. Who doesn’t like a good ab-exercise!? You HAVE to keep those abs tight to get a proper and straight plank. At the same time you have to contract the muscles in your lower back. And if you don’t want to end up with your face on the floor, you also have to use your arms and shoulders.

How to
First of all get a yogamat. You probably can do it without but it’s not that comfy. (Believe us, we’ve tried..). Lie down on the mat with your face down and place your elbows straight under your shoulders. 
Now get up on your toes aswell. The only body parts touching the floor are your underarms and toes. Try to stay horizontal with your whole body by contracting your abs (suck it in!). There you go, this position is known as ‘the plank’.

Listen to some music and turn up the volume or watch something funny so time goes by faster. Always try to set a goal for yourself. Start with 30 seconds and slowly add some seconds every day. You will notice that in a week your plank skills start to improve. We also recommend to keep a timer like a stopwatch or your phone next to you so you can set your records and smash them next time.

Absolute dont’s
Do not forget to breathe. Seems quite obvious but you really need enough of oxygen for all those muscles that are working their asses off.

If you are a beginner you can start with planking on your knees instead of your toes touching the floor. This will make the plank low-impact. It’s a good alternative for gaining strength and getting used to the plank position. As soon as you’ve managed to do a proper plank you can try the side plank. Just turn your body over to the left or right while planking.

If you are a plank-pro you can try to plank with one leg up or one arm in front of you. Lift your leg for a couple of seconds and switch to the other one when you can’t hold it anymore. You can also try to lift one arm instead of your leg. If you really (REALLY) want to challenge yourself, try to lift your left leg and right arm at the same time.

If you want to intensify the exercise you can use a step or anything else that’s stable enough to put your feet on. Your lower body is higher than your shoulders and elbows which makes it harder for your core muscles to keep your body straight.

You don’t really need any equipment for this exercise. However we would recommend a yoga mat. And besides that you can do it anytime and anywhere.

We would say this is enough information about the plank, so for all the Fit Girls out there: let’s give it a try! And if you want to become a planking pro, try our 30 day Plank Challenge!

Why you should always stretch

Hello my lovely fit girls, here is you weekly dosis of Model Workout . What could be nicer than a stretch in the early morning, mid-day or after work or heavy training? (Maybe pancakes, chocolate and chips if you’re not ‘allowed’) Okay maybe there are hundreds of things better than a stretch but why do so many of you skip this essential part of your workout actually? Too many people walk into the gym and directly place themselves into the mechanical devices or just do half an hour on the treadmill and then walk right back out.

 Why you should always stretch

  1. prevent muscle soreness after a major effort
  2. muscle relaxation
  3. injury prevention
  4. rehabilitation
  5. performance

Check out our video and start stretching!

Better blood flow and more oxygen
Poor flexibility can also ensure that movements are less technically perfectly implemented. By stretching your muscles you make them longer. An enlarged joint movement is especially important in accelerating actions, torque, impact and throwing movements. In addition, you can make more force with your muscles through a greater length contraction. Because you stretch the muscles, they are less strained. The result: better blood flow and more oxygen. The muscles are flexible, allowing the movement to be smoother, and more coordinated.

Improve agility
Agility Training is an intense program of stretching exercises with the aim to obtain an increase in agility. Daily finishing one or two stretching programs (and this six days out of seven) is ideal to improve agility. In order to not loose your booked profits, stretch at least two times a week. The different exercises are best repeated every practice session like 2 to 5 times.

I expect to see you on our Model Workout portal where you can also train along all our other workouts.




My First CrossFit Experience

I’m sure you have heard of this huge workout trend, right? It’s a functional training method from the US, that’s getting more popular each year. My Instagram feed is being flooded with pictures of bad ass boys and girls, lifting heavy barbells and kettlebells and looking AWESOME!

roosSo needless to say, I was super excited to get an invitation to visit the Reebok CrossFit 020 box in Amsterdam. Together with Fit Girl Anna, we participated in a training and had a fun get-together with Erwin van Beek, CrossFit specialist and trainer. When we arrived, we were welcomed by Erwin himself. Anna and I hopped into an amazing Reebok outfit, and it was time to get started! We warmed up with eight minutes of rope jumping. I looove rope jumping, it got my heart racing within the first minute. Erwin really pushed me to my limits, but in a good, supporting way.

The WOD was a combination of DL’s and KBS’s. Say.. whhaatt? The workout of the day were deadlifts and kettlebell swings. A. Lot. Of. Them..!

The WOD scheme looked like this:

  • 1st minute: 1 DL, 10 KBS
  • 2nd minute: 2 DL, 10 KBS
  • 3rd minute: 3 DL, 10 KBS
  • …. all the way up to the 20th minute: 20 DL, 10 KBS!

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Can I do fitness exercises when I’m young?

Unless you were synthesized in a laboratory or forged by the hands of the gods themselves, you most likely have parents. Even though I can hear a lot of young people think “gosh, my parents are like, super annoying”, having parents is pretty awesome. For starters, you wouldn’t be walking this earth if it weren’t for them, but you also don’t have to worry about paying rent, insurance, cooking your food and if you’re lucky, cleaning your room and washing your dirty underwear. That sounds like a sweet deal to me.

However, parents can and will have their annoying moments. A good example is when you want to start going to the gym. Most parents will think you’re on drugs when you have a delicious, chocolate flavored protein shake, so going to the gym is the equivalent of committing a serious crime to some. “You just don’t go to the gym when you’re young! Go play with your toys!”

“Mom, I’m sixteen, I’ve been in a relationship for three years, I don’t have toys.”

A lot of that fear is based on concern. Parents are concerned that doing any form of resistance training is bad for their children’s health. The most common concern is that it will stunt their growth.

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Model Workout abs killer

Are you always searching Youtube and every other little corner of the world wide web for a workout that somehow can make your abs appear in a magical way? Well you’ve come to the right place ’cause we sure know how to make them appear. (not so sure about the magic though, but some of us are die hard Harry Potter fans, so that should count for something ) The only thing you really need to do these exercises, is some healthy motivation and effort!

Add a little fun to these exercises and do them with your BFFF. Share the love and pain and if you have done them on a regular base and you definitely see results, share a well deserved treat! A healthy one of course 😉 Model Workout ‘abs killer nr 1.’ includes 5 abdominal exercises:

  • Feet stacked crunch
  • Hand 2 toe left & right
  • Bicycle crunch
  • 90* side roll
  • Ancle tab

And here’s how you do them…

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Win MIPACHA shoes

We’re giving away awesome MIPACHA shoes! There are 40 models you can choose from! Check them out, choose your favorites and get snappin’!

Win MIPACHA shoes

If you want these awesome shoes to be yours, you have to show us a little bit of your world, in pictures! Post your photos on Instagram, showing us what your favourite things are, where you work out, your outfit, food (we love food photos) and all those little things that make up your world everyday! Here’s the submission from the winner from last week!



Here’s what you have to do to win:

1. Post your photos on Instagram, showing us your world

2. Follow @mipachashoes on Instagram

3. Tag your photos with #fitgirlcodeworld  and #mipacha

4. Don’t forget to tag @mipachashoes in your photo(s)!



Check out the other awesome submissions. So, what are you waiting for? Show us what your world looks like and win an awesome pair of MIPACHA shoes! See you on Instagram!

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Introducing: New blogger Roos!

Hi girls! I’m the newest member of the #FITGIRLCODE crew, Roos, also known as Fitgirlroos on Instagram. A medical doctor with a passion for fitness and health. 

So who am I?
I’m a 29 year old girl, living in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I enjoy Oreo cookies, weightlifting, laughing with my girlfriends, dancing at outdoor festivals, spending quality time with my super sweet boyfriend Ace, and working as a medical doctor in the Emergency Room. I would describe myself as a happy girl with a good set of brains, but quite impatient and even more clumsy!

My fit journey
profielfoto-kapper.jpgMy fit journey started two years ago. My BMI was around 25.5, so I’d become a little bit overweight. More important than that, I didn’t feel fit. I made no time to workout or eat healthy. Life was always so busy busy busy! During the day, I didn’t make time for a proper meal and would only eat a quick sandwich. Is that bad? YES! Because at night, I would compensate by overeating. Afterwards, I’d be so tired, that I skipped the gym and cocoon with my boyfriend and some ice cream in front of the TV. Sounds familiar, perhaps?



The change I’ve made
Okay, so how did I change this around? I decided I’d had enough of this vicious cycle! I bought a random book on weightlifting and started applying all the small aspects into my life, one by one. The most important changes for me were:
– Eating much more during the day (breakfast! 4 PM snack!) to prevent cravings.
– Doing heavy ass weightlifting for 3-4 times a week and building lots of muscle mass, to tone my body and speed up my metabolism.

It really worked! I lost 12 kilograms, gained a lot of muscles and felt better than ever. I’m sooo happy I’ve made this change. It truly was a lifestyle change and I’m planning to keep up with it for the rest of my life 🙂

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The truth on fat

“Why am I not losing fat or weight?” It’s a simple question when you look at it and so is the answer, but there’s quite a few things to keep in mind when discussing the subject. Let’s have a look at a few of the most common mistakes people make when they’re trying to lose fat and why they feel they’ve hit a plateau.

To understand why you’re not losing fat, or why you’ve stopped losing fat, it helps to have basic knowledge on how the body actually loses fat. This doesn’t need to be complicated, all you need are the fundamentals.

Your body is a machine.

A machine that works day and night. Contrary to popular belief, your body doesn’t shut off while you sleep, it uses energy every day of the week and every second of the day. That’s one of the reasons eating before bedtime is perfectly fine. You don’t just need energy to move around. Your organs need a whole lot of energy. A few good examples would be your heart, liver, kidney, lungs and brains. All those organs work all the time. In any case, a machine needs fuel and the body’s fuel is what we know as calories. Calories give your body the energy to function, plain and simple. Without calories, without energy, you eventually die. Anyone is able to lose weight until death, no one is an exception.

When you consume calories, your body either uses it as energy or it’s stored for later use. When you consistently consume too much, your body stores calories as love handles, a second chin, or other unwanted body fat. What body fat basically is, is energy to be used when the body needs it in the future.

In times where the body isn’t supplied with a sufficient amount of calories from food, it will need to use energy from someplace else. It has to, the body has to function and it can’t use oxygen. What happens next is that fat is going to be broken down, transported through the bloodstream and is eventually burned for energy. Keep doing that, and you eventually lose body fat.

I eat clean, I train mean, but I’m still not losing fat!

It’s extremely important to understand that calories are calories. Ofcourse there are micronutrient dense calories, which are foods that contain a lot of minerals and vitamins and are therefore considered more “healthy”, but they’re still calories.

If you eat too many Snickers, you’ll get fat. But if you eat too much brown rice with chicken, you’ll get fat too. Eating ‘clean’ is fine, but you can still get fat on a clean diet. Believing you can eat as much as you want, just because you consider your food to be healthy, doesn’t mean it can’t make you fat. It can, and it will, if you eat too much of it. Studies also clearly show it doesn’t matter how much of those calories consist of protein, carbohydrates or fat. When you eat less calories than you use on a daily basis, you will lose fat.

While working out and moving are both healthy in general, they don’t add as much value to weight loss as people think. It’s safe to say most people overestimate the amount of calories they burn with training and they underestimate the amount of calories they consume.

I don’t underestimate the calories I consume. I consume a 1000 calories, but I’m not losing weight!

That’s probably not true. I’m not saying you’re a liar, I’m just saying you’re a human being. Most people are guilty of this. Overweight and obese people have the biggest trouble guessing their caloric intake, especially women. But it’s definitely not a gender specific thing. Men, women, young and old, most people underestimate.

It even happens when you give people specific instructions on how to measure their food intake, it happens to dietitians (people who are actually schooled to do it right) and it even happens to people who are paid to track their food intake. All this is supported by studies. We have data on people underestimating their food intake by 47% or even 2.000 calories per day. Those are serious miscalculations.

Either way, it’s safe to assume you are somewhat underestimating your intake, one way or another.

You’re not actually fat

Let’s be honest, there’s plenty of people, especially women, who consider themselves “fat”, while they’re far from it. Saying “I’m fat” can be a fact, but it surely can be just your opinion as well. It’s annoying to people who train and watch their diets to constantly have other people tell them to relax a little, not take it so serious and things like that. But once you start noticing a whole lot of people are telling you not to lose any more weight, because you really don’t need to, it might be a good idea to start listening and ask the opinion of a professional.

Alright, so now what?

The question to that answer is highly dependent on the person asking. In general, there are a few things that you either must do or things that work for most people:

  • Set a caloric deficit. That means that you have to consume less calories than you use. A good way to do so is tracking your food intake for a week or two, write everything If your weight stayed the same, you’ll have to consume less the weeks after.
  • Remove liquid calories from your diet. Liquid calories from drinks don’t satiate. It’s pretty easy to down a liter of chocolate milk without feeling full for a long time. People who drink a lot of calories usually start losing weight already when they drink water or calorie free drinks.
  • People store fat in different places and lose fat at various rates from different body parts. If you want to lose fat from your stomach, crunches or ab exercises are not going to work. You’ll have to go back to setting a caloric deficit and keep losing fat until you start losing fat from the desired body parts.
  • Start doing serious weight training. Bodypump, Bodyrock, Bodyattack and all other sports that start with ‘body’ can be fun, but it’s not weight training. Heavy weight training will either maintain or develop muscle mass, making the end result of your weight loss journey much more impressive. If you don’t have muscle and you don’t have fat, all that’s left is skin over bones. Some people like that look, but most people don’t.
  • Remember that no matter how fast you lose fat, it won’t be fast enough. We’re hardly ever satisfied with the rate of our progress. So what’s important is to find a way of eating and training that keeps things interesting and fun. The best diet is a diet that you can keep doing for the longest period of time. You don’t need miracle supplements, you don’t need secret exercises and you don’t need to avoid the foods that you love. You need patience and insight into how much calories you’re actually consuming and eat less than that. Unless you’re some kind of alien or character from Lord of the Rings, you will lose fat that way.


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