New Year’s Eve parties obviously need good finger food. To help you a bit with your preparations I’ve collected a lot of great party snacks. All of these snacks are easy to make and some aren’t even that unhealthy. You will definitely make your friends very happy with all of this food! 

party snacks

1. Cheese straws

These are by far my favourite party snacks. I used to make these quite a lot when friends came over. And when you have some puff pastry left it’s easy to use it for these kind of snacks. All you need to do is set up your puff pastry, top it with cheese and herbs and put it in the oven. Simple!

party snacks

2. Zucchini crisps with Parmesan 

These snacks can’t be left out during your NYE party. They are veggie-proof and actually quite healthy. And even better: They’re done within 15 minutes.

party snacks

3. Swedish meatballs

Believe me, these homemade ones taste even better than those from IKEA. You can even stock up your uncooked meatballs in your freezer for another party.

party snacks

4. Cinnamon sugar coated nuts

The aroma of freshly roasted nuts is definitely something that suits the party season. And did you know that it is quite easy to make these at home? These nuts are even covered in cinnamon sugar. YUM!

party snacks

5. White chocolate dipped Oreo balls

You should definitely try out the classic Oreo Ball recipe by Avery Cooks. This special version has been coated in white sugar and topped of with sprinkles. How cute is that?

party snacks

6. Cheesy flat breads

When you want to make some snacks that will keep you satisfied a bit longer, you should work with Turkish bread or Lebanese flat breads. You can easily fill these with delicious ingredients and put them in the oven. It’s done within no-time too. This cheesy snack is the ultimate comfort food.

party snacks

7. Antojitos

Using wraps is always a good idea when it comes to prepping food for your party. You can fill them up with literally anything. These spicy antojito’s (which literally means: little craving) are sold at a lot of markets in Mexico. Luckily it’s very easy to make these at home!

party snacks

8. Pretzel wrapped hotdogs

These adorable hotdogs made of homemade pretzel dough are perfect for your party. Make sure you prep your dough in time and they’re ready to serve in no-time.

party snacks

9. Easy crab cakes

These healthy and easy to make crab cakes are prepared in a pan but you could also fry them. And they don’t crumble! This is definitely very important when it comes to party snacks because you’ll have less crumbles to clean up.

party snacks

10. Baked ham and cheese rollups

These snacks are ideal for your extremely hungry party guests. They’re made of crescent dough, Swiss cheese and baked ham. Yummy!

Hopefully these delicious snacks have inspired you for your own New Year’s Eve party. Which one is your favourite? 

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