Put Eefje, my very Dutch name, next to the powerful word‚ leven’ (Dutch verb‚ to live’) et voila: there is l-eefje. I simply like to live a little! I am turning 27 in one week, however I celebrate life way more often than just on my birthdays. After winning the‚ Fit Body Award’, powered by Women’s Health last fall, I started to write and share more moments in life, which are mainly about feeling good and living life the way I want it to be: happy, energetic and healthy!

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Everyday we learn. This is what intrigues me and sends me out into the world, eager to meet a new day. I think, being curious is a great way to live your life. Last year was an adventurous and quite curious year for me. I decided to put more focus on things that I love to do and which am good at. Things I feel that should be put into the world, by me.

I started to ask myself, what do I really like? What am I good at? At a young age, I found out I am a caring person. During my social and environmental and resource management studies, I came across that character trait again. I needed this to make more sense, to something that was more me. Besides that, I always felt quite some responsibility. Towards the earth, people around me, and to myself. Not running too fast, by figure of speech. ‘Hearing the music, before the song is over:’. That sort of thing.

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