3 healthy movie snacks

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There was a time that I started avoiding going to the movies. Not because of the annoying giggling girls that are texting about the latest gossip in front of me so that I have to watch their screens instead of the big one. Not because of the man next to me that had worked all day and took off his shoes for his comfort, but not for mine. Or some bully kid that is kicking you in the back of your seat.

Nahhhh, I could all handle that! I'd tell the girls that there are inspectors walking around that kick everyone out who are using their phones during the movie. Loudly mention there is something smelly around here and give an innocent but clear look to the gentlemen without shoes (first to his face, then a look to his feet, back to the face, look away and say nothing) and finally ask mommy kindly if her dear and sweet kid can stop kicking you in the back.

The reason why I avoided the movies was also a reason why I went to the movies. You know what I mean, the smell of fresh made popcorn, XXL cups of soda with huge chunks of ice, M&M’s yellow, blue and brown, taco’s with salsa dip and of course the candy corner where you can gather your favorite sweets. To sit in the movies, with a whole group of people and watch a movie is sooo cozy. Especially when you’re watching a 3D one with the nerdy glasses. Going to the movies included all these cheat-foods I just mentioned. Wanting to become fit and healthy ruined the enjoyment of having a snack, especially at the movies. I was so depressed when people would sit next to me with their huge bucket of popcorn. It wasn’t fun and I could not enjoy the movies anymore. To me, snacking is a part of the deal.

I want to go to the movies and I want to snack!!! So I came up with solutions. Just chose healthier ones that I can eat without being concerned about fats, sugars or carbs and have the same snacking experience. These are my top 3 favorite (new) movie snacks.

1. Seaweed chips

When you think about seaweed, don’t think about the gooey, slimey, green algae. Think more of the dry seaweed used for sushi called nori. This healthy, rich in protein snack is used in many Asian dishes and some genius made chips out of it. I buy the Thai Tao Kae Noi! It’s one of the most popular snacks in Thailand and they come in different flavors: Original, Hot&Spicy, Seafood, Japanese sauce, Wasabi and many more! My all time favorite is the wasabi flavor.

2. Sunflower seeds

To eat them is a hell of a job! You need to practice to get the kernel out the shell but it keeps you busy! This super healthy seed is very rich in magnesium (which calms your nerves, muscles and blood vessels). I love these because I can keep eating them throughout the whole movie. It’s impossible to eat too much of them during the movie because of the work you get with the removal of the shell. You can get them salted or unsalted. It is healthier to pick the unsalted ones but the salted ones are so tasty! BEFORE EATING, make sure you take a small trash bag/cup with you to throw the shells in. You don’t know how to eat them? Ask for a YouTube tutorial and I’ll show you ;)

3. Raw Veggies

Last but not least (and actually the healthiest), are raw veggies. I snack my way through the film with some crunchy, tasty and raw veggies. My favorite veggie snacks are: carrots, cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and iceberg lettuce. They are all crunchy, tasty and I could snack them all day long. You might as well call me a rabbit. Most of my friends even ask me if they can have some! Some people will find the iceberg lettuce a strange snack, but I love to eat a whole bag with some herbs and maybe a pinch of salt.

So Fit Girls, which movie are we going to see?