7 Ways to track your progress without the weight scale

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The weight scale. I think I speak for a lot of girls when I say that I have a love/hate relationship with it. On the days where it says I've lost a few kgs, love love LOVE it. On the days where it tells me that I've gained? I hate the thing. But the good news is, you don't need to let the scale dictate how you feel.

Your overall weight doesn't tell you everything about your health. It doesn't say how much of that is fat or muscle, or if you're just retaining a lot of water today. The bottom line is this: the scale doesn't tell the whole story. So instead of letting yourself get down about it, here are 7 ways to track your progress without the weight scale.

Take measurements of your body

Instead of stepping on the scale, opt for taking measurements of your body instead. This allows you to really see your progress in specific areas like your arms, bust, stomach, hips, and thighs. Measuring these areas at different points in your fitness journey allows you to see  exactly where you're building muscle and where you're losing fat, and also can be used as an indicator of which areas you should focus your efforts on!

Take before and after pictures

It's common knowledge that a picture tells a thousand words. The same goes for progress pictures! Take one at the beginning and at points afterwards. Try to always have the same pose and wear the same outfit, so it's very clear to see the differences. This is a very motivating way to keep track of your progress, since you'll clearly see how your body is changing thanks to your lifestyle shift.

Use the clothes in your closet

Another way of noticing the changes in your body is to use a pair of jeans or a shirt as an indicator. Pay attention to how the clothes fit - can they close completely now? Are they fitting more loose or tighter on you? Do they look good? Putting on the same clothes periodically works just like before and after pictures, you're going to get a clear picture of how your body is doing with your new habits.

When people compliment you, believe them

Do you know the saying that it takes 4 weeks for you to see your progress, and 8 for your friends to? Well, while the time may be different for everyone, there is some truth to it. It takes forever for people to notice your changes, so if someone says that you're looking brighter today, or that you've slimmed down, take that as motivation to go on! You have achieved enough that those around you can't help but pay attention.

Monitor your sleeping habits

Studies have shown that getting enough regular exercise in your life leads to overall improved sleep patterns. So it's important to notice if you've been sleeping better, falling asleep more easily and even feeling less sleepy during the day. All these are signs that your health is on the rise!

Note down your energy levels and your feelings

Being healthier has an impact on how you feel everyday and how much energy you have. So, grab a daily journal and write down how you're feeling. Have you noticed that you are more upbeat? Awesome! That's progress. It doesn't always have to be numerical for it to count. Being fit is as much mental as it is physical. ;)

Beating your PRs

So, this one is numerical, I have to admit. But this is maybe one of the most motivating things you can monitor. What better way to check out your progress, than when you notice yourself becoming stronger than you were 2 months ago? If you've noticed that you need heavier weights to feel the burn, then you've progressed, girl! If you noticed you can run longer without losing your stamina, that's definitely something to celebrate.

Don't let your life revolve around the scale. It can give you insights on where you stand every now and then, but it is not your only indicator of your health and progress! Next time you're feeling motivated, check out if you've made some progress in any of these 7 ways and congratulate yourself. :)