Celebrating women

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I think every body is different and beautiful, it does't matter if you're short or tall or skinny or curvy.  I've found some curvy models and celebrities that I want to share with you that are absolutely gorgeous. Of course, these are my favorite beautiful curvy women, it does not mean that thin women aren't just as beautiful. We all rock!

Celebrating women


Yes Adele has curves, but she’s also really fit. You’ve gotta be fit to sing the notes she does. I love that she really doesn't care what everybody thinks about her. She always looks so confident!

Denise Bidot and Marina Bulatkina

These models stripped down and made some awesome pictures! They hope to change how the world sees beauty. Check out the other pictures here.

Christina Aguilera

Although Christina’s weight really fluctuates, I love her most with a few extra pounds. Years ago, she flaunted everything, and now she's a more sophisticated curvy woman.

Mariah Carey

I don't think Mariah Carey always accentuates her great features, although she has a lot of them. This picture accentuates her upper body and smaller waist beautifully!

Salma Hayek

I love Salma Hayek's exotic look. I know this is about curvy women, but I just need to say, I love her haircolor and eyebrows =). She has a gorgeous hourglass figure and knows how to accentuate her good features.


Of course Beyoncé belongs in this list, she's famous for her curves! I really love her hourglass shape. Beyoncé is actually quite slim, but not that muscular. So you see, every body is different, some are more toned than others.

Kate Winslet

This beautiful Hollywood actress does things her own way. She doesn't really follow the trends and has her own style. This seasoned actress, famous for the movies Titanic, The Holiday and many more, has her own opinion and knows exactly how to present herself.


I would love to know who the women are that you admire. Let me know!