What I learned about weight loss

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It's not rocket science and we all know it: if you want to have a killer body just like Doutzen Kroes, you should not live the life of cookie monster. So why do we still all think it's difficult, complicated or even impossible? Looking back at my own journey of losing 13kg, I can definitely say I made some big mistakes while I truly believed I was doing it all right!  

Especially for the lovely #FITGIRLCODE girls I want to talk about one of my biggest lessons learned. Why? Not because I like to show you my mistakes or "wrong-thinking", but because I can imagine some girls think the same way and you might keep on struggling with the same weight-loss issues. So if you feel like each weight loss plan fails and ends up with no or slow progress, I hope that me sharing my experience and advice will give you a better understanding and new insights!

Lesson learned: Eat less = weight loss? WRONG!

I used to think that I had to eat less in order to lose weight and lose it fast. I felt so unhappy and sad in my own body that I was willing to try it - and so I did. I started with skipping the junk food, followed by skipping as much calories as I could and beat the hunger as long as I could. From that moment on I started dropping weight like crazy, and looking at the numbers on the scale you would expect me to be happy - right? NO! I soon realized the following:

  1.  I had to continuously consume less calories in order to make the same progress; that's impossible!
  2.  Still wasn't losing the fat roll
  3. Though the scale was telling me that I should feel happy, the truth is that I felt terrible! Worse than ever! Weak, pithless and tired. And NOT looking healthy at all!

Truth is...

Here comes the lesson learned! I lost water and no body fat at all. When un-feeding you body, your body has no fuel to function properly. It takes on a kind of "reserve modus" in which the "reserves" are saved as fat. The carb-shortage leaves you feeling tired, weak and pithless. It also causes disturbed sleep, digestion and the color in my face faded more and more. The results of my "eating less approach tactic" didn't turn out as I expected and definitely wasn't sustainable.

Never ever-ever-ever will I treat my body this way again! A.) because it's wrong and B.) because I know better now. Nowadays I'm more happy with how I feel and look and that has all been accomplished by eating.. healthy and a lot! I learned to listen to my body and it made me stronger! Click here to read what I eat on a day and click here to read more about my transformation and see the before and after photos.

A picture says more than a thousand words, so see here my results: the left photo was me eating less calories and the right photo is me eating a lot (healthy food), eating carbs and I weigh 2 kg more.

Hope you find this blog post helpful! If you need any tips, we've set up 5 tips for fat loss here.

With love,

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