What's the deal with Wheatgrass?

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Wheatgrass is said to be one of the most nutritient dense greens on our beautiful planet. Maybe some of you know it in a liquid form and are aware of the healthy but not so yummy reputation of wheatgrass shots. Like most superfoods, it has a lot of health benefits, and critics at the same time. So...


What's the deal with Wheatgrass?


Wheatgrass comes from the seed leaves of the common wheat plant shortly after sprouting. It contains high doses of chlorophyll, which is said to cleanse and build the blood, resulting in powerful health benefits like helping the body to restore abnormalities. Besides chlorophyll, wheatgrass provides a concentrated amount of iron, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, and vitamins A, C and E.

All these nutritions can help boost immunity, kill harmful bacteria in your digestive system, and rid your body of waste. Wheatgrass is even mentioned by some as a treatment for cancer, diabetes, constipation, infections, and skin conditions, among other health concerns.

However, there are few research studies about wheatgrass, so it is hard to say if this is actually true - and if so, until what extent. The way wheatgrass is grown and consumed, also influences the nutritional value of this goody a lot. The opinions on whether to drink wheatgrass juice or to consume it in powdered form are varied.

I decided to just give it a go. I believe all these wheatgrass fans are not drinking this green monster for nothing and it won't hurt. I have tried out the wheatgrass powder from MyVitamins.com. If you would like to try wheatgrass but are frightened by it's smell or taste (I know I was the first time I saw it!) I would recommend starting with adding half a teaspoon to your favourite smoothies, or this green smoothie recipe. You will probably not even taste it is there and once you get used to the taste and can start adding a whole teaspoon.

Have you tried wheatgrass yet?


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