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We Fit Girls have a busy life and work out quite often which is not always very beneficial to our skin. Our CEO on sneakers Aranka regularly gets a lot of questions on how she keeps her face so beautiful and radiant. Today we share the secret of Aranka and the other Fit Girls Roos and Alicia. Keep on reading because we have a really nice surprise for you guys.

A busy job, an intensive workout, that fun party or a long summer holiday, we all know how these activities can affect our skin in a bad way. It can cause impurity, pigments and dry or greasy skin. We often forget to be good to our skin due to our busy life and to give it the attention it deserves. Besides that, skin care products often use ingredients such as soap, perfume and oils which dehydrate our skin and do not contribute to healthy skin. This can be very frustrating and that’s why our Fit Girls Aranka, Roos and Alicia decided to introduce you to a brand they believe in and use every day: Dermalogica.

Dermalogica is more than a product and doesn’t spend time on pretty and luxurious packages, but instead aims to help everybody to have a beautiful en healthy skin. All Dermalogica products are free of synthetic aroma’s and colourants and when the products touch your skin something special happens. The products are made for anyone and can be used at various moments during the day.

As an entrepreneur and the founder of #FITGIRLCODE Aranka has a busy and hectic life. She’s a busy bee and in between her meetings she practices yoga and does circuit trainings. As we all know, a busy lifestyle can affect your skin in an unhealthy way. Aranka uses the products of Dermalogica daily to keep her skin fresh and healthy. This Girlboss often travels all around the world for different kinds of projects which often results in dry skin. The skin hydrating booster is the answer to this.

This product is appropriate for dry skin, improves the moisture content of the skin and can be used daily. Different elements such as Hyaluronzuur, Panthenol, Glycolipides and Algae reduce the dryness of your skin, recover the moisture balance and keep your skin hydrated.


Our Fit Girl Roos takes her skin very serious and spends time on taking care of her skin. She’s a doctor in the emergency room and has irregular working hours which means she sometimes needs to pull an all-nighter. This energic babe trains really hard in between her shifts and does strength training and CrossFit. Roos vows by the products of Dermoligica and uses them to keep her skin healthy during her job and workouts. She uses the multiactive toner during her workouts as it keeps her skin fresh but also after a long night shift to give her skin the care it needs.

This spray keeps your skin hydrated. The Aloë Vera and the cucumber softens the skin while the southern wood and Amica make your skin look radiant. The spray can be used daily, whenever you’re in need of some refreshment like after a workout or during a hot summer day.


Alicia is an entrepreneur and personal trainer at her own company, Next Level Lifestyle. She keeps herself busy with running and strength training and loves to inspire others around her. As you Fit Girls know, we sweat a lot during a heavy workout and this is not beneficial to our skin. This Fit Girl gives bootcamp classes during the summer which means that she’s out in the sun a lot. She uses the protection 50 sport to protect her skin and keep it hydrated.

This product protects you from UVA and UVB radiation and can be used on your body and face. It’s not greasy as many other sun products are, and makes your skin feel soft. It is water resistant, takes care of your skin and keeps it hydrated. Perfect during the hot summer months!

Despite the fact that these three Fit Girls have a busy life, they find time to take care of their skin. Different factors such as travelling, irregular working hours and workouts can result in bad skin. It just takes a minute of your time to take care and protect your skin in order to keep it fresh and healthy.

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