As you might have seen on Instagram, Fit Girl Alicia and I went to the temporary Albert Heijn Bio Pop-up Store in Amsterdam last week! Did you have some time to stop by? To be honest, we were surprised about the size of the assortment  Did you know that AH has over 1.200 organic products in their stores? The assortment is huge, there’s basically an organic alternative for every product. Tea, soups, even organic chocolate! 😉

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Personally, I didn’t know that there was such a large organic range available. I prefer these alternatives since it’s a healthier option and I feel that it’s better for my body too. So whenever there’s an organic option for an ingredient I need then I definitely go for that one! I’m glad that Albert Heijn has made it way easier now to make an organic meal. I used to go to a special store, but now I can just go to the closest AH and get everything I need to make a healthy and tasty meal. That’s a win-win situation, right? You have to admit, there’s not really a reason anymore not to go organic!


Since my life is always really busy as a CEO of two companies, I need all the energy I can get. Organic food makes me feel more energized and fuels my body properly. When I finally get the chance to workout, I am completely prepared because I make these healthy choices during the day so I’m not overly exhausted before I get my sweat on. And eating organic does not only make me feel good physically, but also mentally, since I know I’m taking care of myself and making good choices.


WIN €100,- giftcard for organic groceries at AH Bio Pop-Up Store

This is only for the Dutch Fit Girls (sorry internationals!) Albert Heijn is going to give away 5 bags full of AH bio products worth €25,- every week AND once a €100,- AH bio giftcard for the most original and most awesome photo. Jackpot! Sooo.. How can you win? Follow the next 3 steps:

  1. Snap a cute, crazy or beautiful picture with your favorite AH bio product
  2. Share it on Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest or on the Facebook page of Albert Heijn
  3. Use the hashtags #lekkerbio and #AH and tag @AlbertHeijn

Albert Heijn will personally pick and approach the winners. Check for all rules and regulations. Contest runs until May 1st!


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