Without before, there is no after

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Yep, there it is: my before- and after picture. Damn, it’s insanely scary to share this with the rest of the world. Even though I showed it to a few close friends before I decided to post it on FITGIRLCODE, it’s still a huge step. Some of you might wonder why I would share something personal like this on the world wide web. I have two reasons:

  1. I’m amazingly proud of the results I achieved. I honestly did not expect myself to be this persistent.
  2. I love to inspire and motivate other women to become someone who is comfortable in her own skin.

I have doubted whether I should post this picture already or if I should wait a few more months so the difference would be more ‘shocking’. But then I decided that it’s important to tell you guys that I feel super confident and proud of myself looking at this picture.

Don't compare yourself to others
I want to emphasize, that you should keep in mind that you and your body are one of a kind. So don’t compare yourself to others. Everybody responds totally different to food and exercise. I, for example will never fit into a size 36 EU/8 UK like Aranka or Chris (only if I'd starve myself). It's simply not possible because of my bone structure. But that doesn't mean that my body is less beautifull or fit. Everyone is georgious in their own unique way. That's what makes the world an interesting place.

The road to transformation
I gotta tell you, that the changes I have undergone lately didn't happen in two months. Physicall yes, but mentally no. I have prepared myself for this new lifestyle over the past year - step by step. Like Shelley wrote in her article: changing you habits doesn't happen over night.

After preparing myself all this time, I was ready to change a few things radically. This is what I did to achieve my goals:

  • Accept the fact that I need to make sacrifices. I can't have both: drink loads of wine, eat cheese AND look like Beyoncé.
  • I work out 4 times a week: 3 times strenght training and once a week I go for a 8k run.
  • I drink a lot less alcohol. And if I do, I stick to some ground rules to limit the damage.
  • I found myself a few Fit Friends For Life to keep me motivated.
  • I try to eat as clean as possible. Check out 6 healthy tips to starting eating clean.
  • I quit drinking soft drinks and fruit juices and committed to green tea and (flavored)water
  • Last but not least: when I slacked I tried not to panic. Sometimes I just want to eat chocolate, cookies and A LOT of potato chips. But I don't trow in the towel. I tell myself that every day is a brand new day for me to work my ass off in the gym and eat super healthy.

The key to succes
I`ve been training with Georgios from Sixforty for over a year now. Before, I didn't get the results I was aiming for at all. So I asked him why he thinks I am succeeding this time around.

Georgios: "Succes has everything to do with the choices you make and how much you are willing to sacrifice to let them succeed. Anna chose what's most important for her: becoming a woman who's comfortable in her own skin. And because she comits to this choice there's nothing in her way to reach her goals."

[caption id="attachment_3217" align="alignleft" width="620"] photo credits: Vivienne Magalie[/caption]

A little thank you

I didn't reach my personal goals yet, but when I started this journey I'd never thought I would get this far, this fast. But you should all know that I have couldn't done this without a few important people in my life.

Shout out to my boyfriend (also my Best Fit Friend For Life), the most amazing trainer in the world: Georgios, my close friends and ofcourse everyone in the FITGIRLCODE community. Thanks ya'll!