A small moment of happiness: if someone says you smell good! It always makes me feel confident about myself. Showering and brushing your teeth regulary really adds up to a nice odeur of course, but perfum is the thing that makes you ‘smell out in the crowd’. I am true loyalist when it comes to perfum brands. If I find one that suits me, I stick to it for a few years. Not only because I am a don’t- change-a-winning-formula’ kinda person, but also because I always get lost if I try to find a new one. There are SO many out there! So let me help you find to find a lovely fragance in the haystack of all perfums. Wunderwasser!

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“Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles isn’t a realist!”

Wonders allow us to step away from reality and immerse ourselves in an intense and very personal moment. Wunderwasser Eu de Collogne aims to capture this sense into a fragance. This twin fragance is designed with women and men in mind wo are open for new and unexpected experiences. Well, if this did not convince me to try a new perfume, the fresh and blossommy smell sure did!

Smelling nice in the gym

I was actually looking for a fragance I could use when I work out(next to my regular perfume). Of course you already wear deodorant while excersising, but smelling extra nice in the gym is also courtesy to your neighbour Fit Girl in the gym. I didn’t want this perfume to be too expensive or smell too strong. Wunderwasser meets all these criteria! Initially I bought it to smell nice while excercising, but I like it so much that I’ll definitely start switching it up with my ‘regular’ perfume.

Like I already said, it’s a twin fragance, so you can also surprise your siginificant other with a bottle. It’s also a bit of a present for you, because being around a nice smelling man is somehow very -sigh-…alluring. You can buy Wunderwasser at DA, Kruidvat and most indepent drugstores for 14,99 euro. Go go go and smell nice! 🙂

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