This contest has been closed. The winners were Lisa (+BFFF) and Desirée (+BFFF).

It’s December and this month is all about giving, right? That’s why we have an awesome giveaway contest lined up for you! And to make it even better… It’s for you AND your BFFF! What are the free goodies you ask? Let me tell you a little bit about it…

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Working out at Bodytec LoungeIMG_2822

Bodytec is an awesome new fitness concept that has finally arrived in the Netherlands! I tried it out a while ago and absolutely loved it (that’s me squatting in the picture) – if you’re curious, check out this video at 1:53, where I try out Bodytec myself. The workout is only 20 minutes (perfect for busy Fit Girls) and you get put on a vest with electrodes, which is linked to the Bodytec station. Does this sound scary? It isn’t! It definitely does NOT hurt. They will adjust the impulses to a comfortable intensity and do the training with you, which consists of all the exercises you probably know of like squats, supermans and boxing. The impulses come every couple of seconds and stimulate your muscles like no other workout. One Bodytec workout of 20 minutes equals a 3-hour gym workout. It strengthens your core and works all your muscles at the same time.

Sooo we are going to give you AND your BFFF both 3 free trainings (worth €120,-) at Bodytec Lounge in Amsterdam!

And there is more…

Virtuoos wants you Fit Girls to be as healthy as possible and therefore, you are also both going to get 3 months of probioticum! Probioticum contains good bacteria which will restore balance in your digesting system and makes sure that everything works properly in your body. Probioticum is known to contribute to your health and is widely used among top athletes.

the mermaid tote bag white

There is still more!

As December is all about giving, #FITGIRLCODE is also going to throw in an awesome free goodie: the white Mermaid bag from our very own webshop! Imagine you and your BFFF rocking this bag together… You both get one! How cool is that?





Ok, tell me, how do I participate? >>>


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