The comeback of the one-piece swimsuit

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Ever since I was little I remember wearing a bikini. But the older I get, the prettier I seem to find one-piece swimsuits. Up until this year, I always skipped the one-piece. But why? Is it because it makes me think of athletes and my grandma or because they make me get weird tan lines? Let's find out.

The history of the one-piece

Can you imagine that we ever went into the water with ankle length garments? Well, we did. When beach holidays became popular in the 19th century, a sunkissed tan wasn't as fancy as it is nowadays. People covered their bodies to keep their skin pale. Luckily, women eventually realized that this is totally unpractical, so the swimsuits became shorter and shorter. From 1900, there is a rising demand to more comfortable outfits. Women started to join swim competitions, so the suits became tighter and shorter. During the twenties, the one-piece started to look like the current variant.


In 1946, the bikini was introduced. That was the point that it went totally wrong with the one-piece. The bikini became the symbol of sexyness, the one-piece became the opposite. With some exceptions of course, think Pamela Anderson in her red Baywatch edition.

And still, anno 2015, a lot of people associate one-piece swimsuit with dullness and prudery. Especially the male part of the population. But why? When I see someone wearing a one-piece I get envious most of the time because they look so feminine and sexy. So, I did some asking around and I came to the conclusion that it really depends on what you wear and how you wear it. More about that later.

Anno 2015

First, what is really outdated and what does a one-piece looks like anno 2015? The biggest trends are cut out swimsuits and monokini's. The cut out is the opposite of dullness! It makes you look sexy and confident because you're one of those girls who dares to wear it! Especially the ones with a deep cut out neckline are very popular. When a one-piece has that much cut out that there is not that much more left than a bikini, it's called a monokini. You still are gonna get some weird tan lines because of the shape, but it's not that bad. Make sure you just don't wear it every day..

These ones are definitely on trend this summer! How to wear them? Just visit the next page!


1. Mara Hoffman floral print one piece, €295.
2. Topshop swimsuit with deep cut, €49,95.
3. Mikoh crotched one piece, €252,09.
4. Seafolly swimsuit with flower print, €109,95.
5. Agent Provocateur cut out swimsuit, €395.
6. New Look bandeau one piece, €38.
7. River Island strapless swimsuit with mesh detail, €45.
8. Marks & Spencers one piece with slimming effect, €46.


What to wear

When you have a apple figure, you have broad shoulders, big breasts, small hips and a little belly. A bandeau variant will make your boobs look a little smaller, while a pre-formed one will make them look bigger. A printed one piece will make you look slimmer.

If you have a pear figure, your hips are firmer than your shoulders and breasts and you've got an amazing butt. Make sure you show that one off! To make your breasts look bigger, wear a one-piece with details that are focused on the chest srea.

With an hourglass body you can pretty much wear any one-piece you like. You've got some good curves for a swimsuit. An hour glass figure also means you have a small waist, so make sure you highlight it.

Are you a rectangle? Your body is slim and athletic, but you don't have many curves. By wearing a deeply cut one-piece, you will look longer and your boobs will look bigger. Decorations will make your body more voluminous.


So, are you wearing a one-piece swimsuit this summer? I know I definitely am!