How to create your own beauty spa at home - PART 1

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We all need a break from this hectic thing called life from time to time. People go into their relax mode after a work-out or while they have a romantic walk to their refrigerator, but my absolute all-time favorite spoil-your-cute-butt-thing is enjoyinging a beauty day at the spa. Since I don’t have money growing on a tree, we Fit Girls need to be creative with the budget we have and create our own beauty spa at home. Here are a few tips and tricks to get into relaxing mode on your well-deserved day OFF!


When you decide to have a beauty spa day at home, make sure you pick a day when you don’t have any interruptions or a busy schedule afterwards. Turn off your Smartphone (after you’ve posted on Instagram you have a relax day ;) ) and pretend not to be home for the next few hours.


Beauty spa’s always look flawless and have this relaxing atmosphere. Well, with these tips & tricks you can turn your home into your own private spa and set the mood for relaxation:

  • Check Youtube for ‘Spa Music’ and you will find hours of relaxing music, which you can play at the background. Relaxing music not your cup a tea? Than choose any kind of music which will bring you in the relaxing mood.
  • The best thing about a beauty home spa is that you can use your whole house and don’t just have to limit yourself to your bathroom. So turn your living room into the treatment centre and relaxing room where you could take a beauty nap, do your home yoga practice or finally read your pile of magazines while having your healthy smoothie. Click here for recipes of four delicious smoothies!
  • Get your #FITGIRLCODE bottle or large can and fill it up with water and slices of lemon, cucumber, mint or raspberries. Make sure you prepare this “detox” water a few hours before your beauty spa day. This way it won't just keep you hydrated but you'll also have the benefits of antioxidants.
  • Take the largest towel you can find to wrap around yourself and make sure you have plenty of clean smaller towels for all those treatments you have scheduled for yourself ;) You can even roll these towels up like they do in a beauty spa.
  • Fire up some candles and close your curtains to create a more romantic and intimate setting.
  • Get out all your nail goodies, like polish, file, clipper, cuticle pusher, hand and feet creams. You probably have tons of samples of body-lotion, face cream and scrubs. You can finally try them all out!
  •  And if you really want to go flamingo-crazy, decorate your home with flowers, rose petals and incense sticks or aromatherapy products. Make a bowl with fruits and a plate with veggies for the finishing touch, like strawberries, kiwi, apples, carrot, bell pepper, candy-tomatoes. Because you will get hungry while you are busy relaxing ;)


First take a nice hot shower to release the stress and clear your mind. This could be a quick water-dip of 5 minutes but make sure you clear your face, wet your hair (don’t wash it yet) and remove your make-up. Brush your teeth and floss afterwards so you shine like a diamond. You can even brighten your smile with activated charocal like Kiki did.

Now you are ready to treat yourself for a long and relaxing day. Try out he following treatments:

Beautiful hair makes a happy head

  • Strawberry hair maskBesides eating those sweet hart shaped fruits you can also use them for your own homemade hair mask. You’ll need a cup of strawberries (preferably the ones who are a little mushy to eat), one egg yolk and two tablespoons of olive oil. Mix this all together until the strawberries chunks are like juice. Rub this in your hair and use a plastic hair cap (or plastic bag ) to avoid a mess. Leave it in for 20 minutes. Rinse your hair and wash it with a mild shampoo.
  • Coconut cream hair maskThis hair mask is for Fit Girls who take serious time for their spa day at home. Believe me, it’s worth every minute of your precious time. First thing you need is a hot-warm wet towel ready to wrap your hair into. You could lay your towel in hot water and wring out or WET your towel and use the microwave for 15 seconds to warm it up. Crack open the coconut (mini work-out ), take a chunk of the coconut cream and warm it up in your hands. When it’s soft enough and pliable, massage it into your hair. Repeat this until your whole hair is covered with coconut cream. Carefully wrap your hair into the warm towel and leave the hairmask in for about an hour. Rinse your hair and wash with a mild shampoo.

In the meantime you continue your treatments…

Happy Feet

  • Remove your old nail polish and have a footbath. Take a tub and fill it up with hot/warm water and leave your feet there for about 10 till 15 minutes to rest. You can also put salts and oil in the water for extra soft feet.
  • Relax and read your magazine or just close your eyes and listen to the relaxing music…
  • Take a pumice stone to remove the rough spots on your feet and dead skin on your heels and toes. Put your feet back into a new tub of warm water to wash them one more time. Dry your feet and get ready for your pedicure.
  • Trim your toenails in shape with the clippers. Make sure you round off the edges to prevent ingrown toenails. Push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher. If you like you can also polish your toenails or just leave them natural.
  • Take some body lotion or your feet cream and give yourself a short foot massage. Use a bit more cream than usual and take the time for your feet to dry up. Outcome: Happy-relaxed-beautiful -FEET!

Beautiful hands make light work

  • Remove your old nail polish. It’s better to use acetone-free nail polish remover, since acetone could dry out your nails.
  • Get a bowl with hot-warm water and leave your hands in them for about 5 minutes. If you want to polish your nails afterwards don’t use any oils or soap in the water. Otherwise your polish won’t adhere correctly.
  • Dry your hands and use a fingernail clipper to trim your nails. You can also use scissors or a file to shape your nails. To finish this treatment push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher like you did with your toenails. Do this gently otherwise you can cut your cuticles and get an infection.
  • Time for the challenging part: polishing the nails of both your hands. Practice makes pefect! You can just polish your nails with one coat of your favorite color or you can have a full manicure with at least three coats; a base coat, a color, and a topcoat. This way you have maximum coverage and it will last longer. You do need the patience to dry every coat. Also don’t polish your nails if you still need to wash out your hair mask. Trust me, not a pretty sight!

WTF (Where’s The Food)

Beside your plate with fruits and veggies it is also important to have a good lunch or dinner, depending on what time of the day you are having your beauty spa. Since it’s your spoil-your-cute-butt day, you might as well go all out and make yourself a healthy snack, lunch and dinner. Click here for healthy recipes the #FITGIRLCODE crew has shared before! Schedule kitchen time in between your treatments or before the start of your beauty spa day.

Stay tuned, because you can read the second part of this article in a few days. I'll include some tips and tricks for a great facial- and body treatment. Did you set a date for your beauty spa at home yet?

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