Ditch the Diet

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Ditch the Diet

Most diets seem to work in the short run, but fail in the long run. Not only do most of the dieters gain all the weight they lost back, a lot of people gain back even more. Why is this the case? And what other solution is there for weight loss?

Why Diets Don't Work 

Ofcourse there are exceptions to the rule, but research shows that diets do not work for the majority of people. One of the reasons why people gain weight after dieting is simply because they will go back to pre-diet eating habits. Besides this behaviour related cause, there are actually multiple biological factors that have a significant effect. A weight loss diet that involves a reduced calorie intake can result in a decreased metabolism. This is because your body adjusts to the lower calorie intake by using as little energy as possible in order to survive. Another reason why your body uses less energy after weight loss, is because of a decreased muscle mass that is often a consequence of crash diets. In addition to this, quick weight loss and a restritive calorie intake cause a lot of stress on your body, influencing your hormones. One effect is that the hormones that promote feelings of fullness and inhibit food intake are decreased with weight loss. Meanwhile, ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger, is increased, along with reported food preoccupation and appetite. This could make keeping the weight off extra hard.

What does work?

Since everybody (as in, every body and every personality) is different, I find it hard to believe that there would be one certain lifestyle that works for everyone. Skip restrictive diets and start working on the development of a healthier lifestyle that suits you. Eat cleaner, be active (and maybe try strength training in order to maintain or increase your muscle mass), and enjoy your treats every now and then. It doesn't always have to be easy, but it sure shouldn't spoil the fun!