Do DIY body slimming wraps really work?

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Slimming wraps have been on the beauty parlour treatment list for a while, but they have an expensive price tag for unreliable and mixed results. Recently some women have been trying a home made version to replicate the treatment and have taken to using Saran wrap and bandages to turn themselves into human sushi. A DIY body slimming wrap might seem like the perfect solution to save you some cash or worth trying just out for the laughs - what do you have to lose? (Other than hopefully a few inches.)

Body wraps are a treatment that have existed with the purpose of moisturizing, cleansing and toning the skin. Beauty brands continue to develop body wrap products along with their claims of their effects such as detoxifying the body and the skin in attempts to encourage women to fork out with the belief this quick fix will help get their jeans zipped up more comfortably. Among the claims of what body wraps are capable of achieving, is their ability to actually help you lose a couple of inches around your stomach and arms, tone up and to make a desired body part more firm. Online testimonials even provide 'evidence' that they actually can achieve this. But how does it work?

Wrap it up

Typically the body is prepared with a lotion or oil containing ingredients such as tea tree and then a thermal or plastic blanket is wrapped around the body, tightly enough to apply pressure but not so much as to be uncomfortable. Variations of seaweed, algae and foil wraps have also been developed and claims include their ability to minimize cellulite by releasing toxins from the body. It's claimed that they are better suited to areas such as upper arms and the stomach, rather than thighs. Among the advocates of slimming wraps are celebrities who use them before an event or on a film set, in order to feel their best and little more comfortable in figure hugging dresses. It's probably fair to say that average women who has less time on their hands, isn't so interested in lying in the beauty parlor listening to mood music of the ocean lapping on the beach but purely want the results.


DIY disasters

Cheaper home slimming body kits are increasingly more popular but if wasn't a good enough, there are also DIY tutorials on Youtube showing you how to replicate the same effect with supplies all available from the supermarket. Yes, the same unproven results. The fact is, what is really working is the wrap making your skin sweat, releasing water from your body.  Celebrity dermatologist Dendy Engelman M.D. told Shape that people who are prone to dehydration and kidney problems should especially stay away from slimming wraps. She also says that with continued use, the wraps might actually reduce the quality of skin, because any 'results' are effects of the loss of water from the body. Other worrying side effects of the DIY trend, is that some people make the mistake of wrapping the film or bandage far too tightly resulting in excessive discomfort and even bruising. One Pinterester, saw a DIY wrap on her newsfeed and decided to give it a shot but reviewed that she felt like her internal organs were being pushed up her throat. She said, "after deciding that I could no longer breathe, I unwrapped my miracle wrap. I looked the same except for the strange bruising around my torso from the wrap cutting off my circulation." Less alarming but another to keep in mind, dehydration is a primary cause of wrinkles so you could also be prematurely ageing your skin.

Slimming solutions

If you have done any research into ways to seriously reduce cellulite or lose weight then you might be familiar with the importance of staying hydrated. At #FITGIRLCODE we are constantly talking about the need to drink plenty of water and sharing tips on how to drink more. Increasing your water permanently means there's no need to do any kind of pre party slimming wrap because keeping hydrated is one of the principle ways to beat feeling bloated. But don't be disappointed if you are still looking for methods to actively improve the appearance of your skin. Instead, try foam rolling. This is a completely safe method to promote circulation achieved by massaging, rather than restricting an area of the body. And it's beneficial for relaxing your muscles as part of stretching too.

So do they really work? It seems they work at getting people talking and releasing water through sweating. Although such trends might worth trying anyway, body wraps appear to be yet another 'slimming' fad that cause more problems than they are worth. At #FITGIRLCODE we want to help you find ways to be happier in your skin without wasting your time and money. Instead of sitting wrapped up for an hour waiting on a miracle to happen, grab a bottle of water and trying going for a walk and let the fresh air and extra movement naturally relieve bloating and promote circulation.

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