Fit Girls favorites: pre workout snack

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Ever wonder what we Fit Girls eat as a pre workout snack? Fit Girls Iris, Roos and Safira share their favorite pre workout foods with you.

Iris (@iris_fitgirl)
Depending on my I-am-alive-and-kicking-flow, I like to work out in the morning. My favorite pre-work out snack that suits that part of the day for me is a bowl of natural soy yoghurt, with mulberries, pineapple parts, sprinkled with some cinnamon. It isn’t too heavy on my stomach and doesn’t get in the way during all those burpees, deadlifts and jumping jacks. It gets me through the big parts of the morning, so after my work out, I’m ready for lunch :).

If I work out in the evening my favorite pre work-out snack are edamame (soy beans) seasoned with some sea salt and chili pepper. It fills me up to get me through my work out. I’m the type of girl that doesn’t have dinner before her workout, cause after she has eaten she has an after-dinner-dip and turns in to a couch potato.



Roos (@fitgirlroos)

I don't have a standard pre work out snack! Sometimes I crave something sweet, sometimes salty. One of my favorite snacks is a piece of bananabread with peanutbutter. It's really filling, but not to heavy on the stomach. It provides me with some carbohydrates and healthy fats. Perfect for a killer workout!





Safira (@safiraaudrey)
My favorite pre work out snack is a forest fruit and quark smoothie! I like quark based smoothies because they make me feel a bit fuller but they’re not annoying on the stomach during the workout. I usually drink about 375ml before my workout. Sometimes after I’ll drink another 375ml with a good lunch or breakfast meal but I usually share it. I will post an article with the recipe of my Pink Forest Smoothie so all of you Fit Girls can make this awesome pre workout snack!




What's your favorite pre workout snack? We would like to know!