This Model Workout gives you the legs you desire (and by that we also mean a lot of muscle ache). You gotta work it if you wanna earn it! Check out this short work out, the results: tight butt and legs! This work out consist of 5 exercises.

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Fresh leg work out by Model Workout

1 Motion exercise (squat side raise)
2 Static exercises
(side step & lunge)
1 Explosive exercise
(plié jump)
1 Cardio exercise
(mountain climber)

Set up the work out
For ultimate ‘fresh legs’ do each exercise at least 30 seconds.  Do all 5 exercises for 3 or 4 repetitions. Do you want to pick it up a notch and are you up for the challenge? Try doing each exercise for 40 or 50 seconds and rest 10 seconds in between each exercise. We like to use Swing Timer or the Interval timer to time our exercises. So, set your workout to 30 seconds (0r 40-50 seconds) and  rest time to 10 seconds. Have 3/4 repetitions so you’ll do 15 to 20 exercise total.

And these are the exercises explained…

Squat side raise

Squat side rais

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