Chris is one of the founders of fitgirlcode. Together with bff Aranka she started her journey 2 years ago. She is what fitgirlcode stands for and has been transformed to the fittest and happiest version of herself. We conducted a little interview to interrogate her about her transformation to her progress picture with freaking abs!!

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Wow, you lost a lot of weight! Women don’t like to tell share weight to anyone but we have to ask: what is the score?
I went from 62kg to 52kg in 2,5 years (I’m 1.60m)

Why did you want to loose weight?
Well, I’m turning 30 this year and I can honestly say I’m as fit as I’ve ever been. Getting older you realize that your body is the only one you’ll ever have. It’s not that I wanted to loose weight, I accepted my curvy physique (read: fat ass ;)). It is a result of eating healthy, your body gets rid of the fat you don’t need.

So how did you do it, what is your secret?
I started exercising in the winter because I wanted to see results in the summer. In the beginning I wasn’t eating well and my body gained muscle, but I did not loose a lot of fat. That is when I looked into clean eating and really started to change my life instead of following a diet.

That sound easy enough, was it?
Actually, it’s quite logical at a certain point. That is the moment you realize the crap that you are feeding yourself. When you are aware of what is “good food” or “clean food” and you feel that you have more energy, you can’t deny yourself that feeling. Also, once you start seeing results, it’s quite addictive.

Why did you take the progress pictures?
It was really confronting at first. I’m not a social guru or anything but I wanted to motivate others and show them my journey. If I can do it, so can anybody else. Also, it motivated myself because you don’t see the results in the mirror anymore. I did not gain the weight overnight, so I could not expect to loose it in the blink of an eye.

For who is fitgirlcode?
It’s for women who want to be and stay fit and healthy. It’s a platform where you can share tips and get inspired to live a healthy lifestyle.

What do you want to say to girls that want to get fit?
Get a BFFF (Best Fit Friend Forever)! I would advice to have fun and how easy is that with your best friend. As a result of your enthusiasm you will be an inspiration for the people around you.  In my case, now at work everyone is taking the stairs and eating avocados with lunch. It’s nice if the people around you understand and take part in your new lifestyle.

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