Why you should give Pilates a try

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Still a lot of people give me a confused look when I say I’m a Pilates teacher – because, “Pilates is like some sort of yoga, right?” Yes, Pilates brings the mind and body together, but I think the difference is best described as follows: ‘Yoga is a practice, Pilates is a workout.’ I'm gonna tell you why you should give Pilates a try!

Pilates is a workout method designed 100 years ago by Joseph Hubertus Pilates during WOI to help rehabilitate soldiers. The method focuses on the center of the body; the core muscles, or also known as your powerhouse. Pilates has 6 basic principles; centering (the powerhouse), concentration (focus), control (of every movement), precision (quality over quantity), breath (blood circulation) and flow (elegant and natural movements). Classical or traditional Pilates consists of 34 mat exercises which are performed in traditional order. Some classical Pilates studios also use equipment, such as the Reformer or smaller equipment pieces like resistance bands. I teach modern Pilates, which is influenced by other methods and exercises; I like to shake things up a bit to keep myself and my students motivated!

So, why should you give Pilates a try?

-       You will develop a super strong core (= rock hard abs!)

-       It gives you defined muscles

-       Your muscles will become lean and strong

-       You will become more flexible

-       Because it brings together the muscles in the entire body and makes them stronger, you reduce the chance of getting injuries

-       Helps you to rehabilitate from injuries

-       Will make back pains disappear

-       Gives you better posture

-       You will become more aware of your body and what it can do

-       It’s a lot of fun!

I really notice a difference when I have skipped a week of teaching – my muscles become stiff and every move becomes harder to perform. I work out quite a lot (I also teach Les Mills BodyCombat and I love to lift weights), which I can do thanks to Pilates; my body is strong, my muscles are flexible and I rarely have injuries. Pilates also gave me the focus which I need during my other work outs.

Give Pilates a try and discover how amazing it is for your entire body!