International No Diet Day

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The 6th May is International No Diet Day. It is also my birthday. Coincidence? I think not. It is just the universe telling me that I should eat all the pie I want and not feel guilty about it - so thank you universe, I will follow your advice! But what's it about for all those who do not have their birthday today?

Celebrate your body

International No Diet Day is an annual celebration of body acceptance and diversity. It is a day dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and to raise awareness of the dangers of dieting, therefore a day which Fitgirlcode fully supports! It was started by Mary Evans Young in 1992 (my birth year as well - see, really no coincidence here!). She experienced anorexia nervosa, but conquered it and helped people appreciate themselves for who they are and to cherish the body they have.

In short, the message of the International No Diet Day: all sizes and shapes are beautiful. Stop dieting. Honor the victims of eating disorders and weight-loss surgery. Learn the facts about dieting and weight-loss. Love and celebrate your body. 

Stop dieting

I cannot stress it enough how bad dieting is. Cutting meals and calories in order to lose weight is not the right way! Start eating healthy and nourish your body instead of starving it. If you supplement this lifestyle by working out, you will lose weight (if that's your goal), and become healthier and fitter. Some might want to call this dieting as well, but I prefer seeing it as a lifestyle. You should never have the feeling that you're starved and consciously do nothing about that feeling because you want to drop a few pounds. You are beautiful and you should celebrate your body instead of hating it!