When I couldn’t get myself of the couch once again, I decided to change my life completely! I was done with my lazy and lifeless lifestyle of hardly doing any work outs (terrible…I know) and eating whatever passed me by all day long. I learned the hard way: it’s easier saying this than actually doing it.

Unfortunately, it took a lot of effort. When my boyfriend made one of his delicious pasta recipes with cream sauce and was eating it with so much joy on his face, I was kind of bummed out that I had to eat my salad with chicken. It honestly took me a lot of effort to not eat his food! But only after 1 month, this healthy life has turned into my lifestyle without a lot of struggles. That pasta with creamy sauce doesn’t hurt me anymore and that bag of fries? Nah.. Just give me my Quinoa salad or a delicious vegetable/fruit smoothie. (Allright, I’m not completely honest right now, I still eat chocolate cake or a nice sandwich with Nutella! Ssst..)

The most important changes when I changed my lifestyle were that I got healthier, fitter and was full of energy! A glorious feeling!  In the past, I’ve been avoiding gyms for so many years, but I now find it wonderful to work out three or four times a week. Who would’ve ever thought that I would do this?! Another plus is that I not only changed on the inside, but also on the outside (Read: the days of love-handles are as good as over).

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